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The White Dune of Pūrciems

State owned forests stretch between the road and the sea from around Kaltene to the border of Slītere National park. The vicinity of the dune is captivating both because of its primeval nature and its history - the first Stone Age settlement on the northwest shore of Latvia was found here.

Nature trail

A special path was constructed to allow people to enjoy this archaeological monument of national importance in full. It is a special path along the banks of the Pilsupīte River. The walk along the path reveals the way the sand developed and the way nature changed under the influence of time and human activities.

It is 900 metres long and it takes up to 1 hour to explore it.


Thanks to the support of Roja parish and the share company “Latvian State Forests”, the territory has been equipped with:

  • wooden planks;
  • observation platforms;
  • places for resting;
  • the site of the settlement itself surrounded by a fence;
  • a parking lot near the sea in Ģipka village.
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