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Witches’ cliffs

On the left bank of the Vaidava, between Ape Secondary School and the cemetery, 8 - 10 m high and up to 100 m long sandstone outcrops can be seen – the Witches’ cliffs.The lower part thereof has small niches eroded by the stream of the river.There is a pedestrian bridge at the cliffs crossing over to the other side of the river, from where the cliffs can be seen in all their beauty.

A strong spring, known since the ancient times as a legendary cult spring, has eroded a small niche in the eastern part of the cliffs.The spring with clear water flows out of a place, where the sand cliff bank of the Vaidava is high and steep.The locals once believed that this is a spring of health, as many used its water to treat various eye illnesses.  But in order for the spring to work, an offering had to be made, for instance, clothes, yarn or other things.

The cliffs got their name from the time there was a witch standing next to them.The neighbouring peculiar nature objects – The Werewolf pine, The Twin pines, Witches’ broom, “circles of witches”, “bones of witches" and other can be viewed and tried to be understood under the guidance of an environmental guide (phone  +371 29439207).

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