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The workshop of ceramic artists Jolanta and Valdis Dundenieki

For more than 20 years the traditions of Northern Latgale have been carried forth by the professional ceramic artists Jolanta and Valdis Dundenieki. The colour shades of green, brown, light- and dark blue decorate candle-holders, cups, vases, bowls, honey- and milk pots, jugs and other kitchenware. 

The Dundenieki are the only ones in the Balvi region who work with traditional ceramics and revive the customary practices of the Northern Latgale handicraft, characterised by the inside of a vessel being fully glazed whereas its outside covered by the glazing only to a third. The Dundenieki do not rely on ceramics alone – according to Valdis, "a craftsman may have periods of ‘riding the wave’ but the situation changes rapidly", which is why the majority of craftsmen have side-jobs.

Likewise, in their everyday lives Jolanta and Valdis are occupied with other affairs in the centre of Bērzpils.

Their free-time, however, they spend in the workshop where with the help of the wheel and clay new kitchenware takes shape. The work is finalized in a kiln conveniently located in the barn. Jolanta and Valdis Dundenieki will surely continue to preserve the authenticity of Latgale ceramics.

Balvi district, Bērzpils parish, LV-4576
+ 371 645 44382
+ 371 29173889
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