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Workshop of Jānis Lubka

The master craftsman has been working as a metalsmith since 1970, although he has obtained formal education in wood carving. Metal candle holders, bracelets, clocks, flower pot holders, mirrors, clothes hangers, chairs, fences, staircase and balcony railings, door hinges, gates are forged in Jānis Lubka's workshop, at "Pauguri" farm in Rogovka, Rēzekne District.

To master metalsmith skills, Jānis Lubka regularly visited old experienced craftsmen, watched, studied and photographed their works to immerse himself in the nuances of their techniques. The craftsman has no two works alike. 

Each of the craftsman's countless candle holders has a little identifying marker - as he admits himself – a special something that makes the item distinctive. Experts say that in Lubka's hands black metal turns into a living flower or a leaf: their ornament and shapes are exquisite and scrupulously accurate.

In his work, the master blacksmith build on the Latvian spirit of his inherited tradition, always adding a touch of novelty though, that bears the unique personal imprint of Jānis Lubka.

Rēzekne district, Nautrēni parish, Zaļmuiža, "Pauguri"
+371 29111736
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