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World War II Museum and Exposition Hall

World War II exposition (museum) is located in the very centre of Aglona town. The exposition is quite concentrated facilitating easy viewing as there is no need to walk between the storeys. The heart of museum is weapons collection from the World War II battlefields. 

It is possible to view also uniforms, ammunition, household objects, aircraft debris etc.  The most valuable and unique object is the field-post letters of correspondence between the oberleutnant August and his beloved Marta during 5 years of war: the dialogue in letters between two loving people with a happy end.  The chronicles of that time are used as background. Exposition has no political emphasis, both warring parties are equally featured. They are not assumed neither good nor bad, maybe that’s why exposition is so easy to view and enjoyable to visitors.

World War II was the most cruel military conflict in the human history when tens of millions of people died. Nations were reigned by ruthless and ambitious leaders. People should know what it really meant so it couldn’t happen never again.  That is why this exposition was arranged and why it should be visited while staying in Aglona town. At present pictures can be taken only on a German military bike, but in the future there will be an opportunity to use uniforms and theatrical battle field. 

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