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Ziedoņdārzs covering the area of 6.37 ha is a spacious and regular park that presents different sceneries, lawns, paths, clipped hedges, a fountain and playgrounds for children, as well as a street for basketball grounds in Rīga. The Park is encircled by A. Čaka, Matīsa, Sparģeļu and Artilērijas Streets.

The central axis of the garden is formed by the lane of Holland linden trees that are clipped in a tubular form. The lane finishes with the fountain (the total area of the fountain is 140 square metres, sculptor M. Lange, architect V. Zaķis), which was demolished at the beginning of 1990 and restored in 2008 – the square with the fountain and rose garden forms the centre of the garden.

There is also a spacious “paddling pool” for children, however, it has not been functioning for the last decades. The only publicly significant structure in the Park is the pavilion (architect A. Kalniņš), which was demolished in the beginning of 1990, now restored but not used anyway.

Ziedoņdārzs differs from other parks with active recreation areas being separated from the rest of the area by means of hedges. The last and almost the only public playground for children in Rīga is preserved here (the other one was constructed in Vērmane Park some years ago). The wintergreen flower beds have been arranged freely on the edges of lawns. The corners of paths are shaped by free or clipped groups of bushes and wintergreens. The seeming vastness of the Park has been obtained by the disposition of trees. Ziedoņdārzs differs from other parks mainly with the large groups of trees and bushes of one species. Initially, nine local tree sorts and approximately 50 foreign types grew in the Park, including also the rare species like big flower filled hawthorn, Veimut pine, conical western thuja, etc. In the beginning of the 1950s the Park was also a home for larger groups of conventional fir-trees; however they could not withstand the city environment.

The Park has been included in the list of the State protected cultural monuments.

starp A. Čaka, Matīsa, Sparģeļu un Artilērijas ielām, Rīga
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