The visitors of the music night will be able to enjoy the musical performance of the young vocals Stefanija Sidorenko and Aivis Greters, violinist Marija Kalnina and oboe player Justine Aboltina.

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The programme of the concert includes piano music performed by students Jekabs Jancevskis, Karlina Arente, Sanda Audere, Eliza Evalde, Davis Jankevics, Katrina Kivleniece, Darta Liepina, Patriks Stepe, Jekabs Krists Kalnins, Arturs Svarcbahs and Ernests Vigners.

The audience will be offered the musical compositions of Jazeps Medins, Arturs Maskats, Janis Lusens, Arvids Zilinskis as well as Antonio Vivaldi, Frederic Chopin, Francis Poulenc, Dmitri Kabalevsky, Dmitri Shostakovich and other composers.

Free entrance.

Izstāžu zāle "Arsenāls"
Torņa iela 1, Rīga, LV-1050
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56"57'6 24"6'12
56.951717, 24.103392
Last updated: 31.01.2014
9:00 - 15:00

On the second and fourth Saturday of each month, from 9:00 am to 3 pm

Already a city tradition – the Slow Food Farmer’s market is valued by gourmets.The products you can buy on Bergs Bazaar market are 100% fresh and high quality, grown and produced in Latvian farms.  Farmers and domestic producers from all regions of Latvia offer a huge variety of food products – self-baked bread, smoked meat and fish, different types of cheese, jams, preserves and confectionary.  You can buy fresh milk as well as fresh pork, beef, chicken or rabbit meat and all the necessary seasonings and spices to prepare these products.

Bergs Bazaar is also a market place for the local craftsmen specialized in the needs and taste of the city dwellers – you can buy beautiful fashion accessories, jewellery, toys and home made cosmetics from natural ingredients – creams, oils, scrubs, soaps etc.

A market has since ancient times been a place for bargains, acquaintances and entertainment.The contemporary market reveals the characteristics and traditions of a nations and is thus interesting for travellers and tourists.

Berga Bazārs

For only one hour on Wednesday, the 29th September from18:30 till19:30 cinema “Riga” box-office offers an opportunity to purchase tickets to the concert movie “Ladies & Gentlemen…The Rolling Stones” for a special price – 5 lats!Use this opportunity and don't miss the happy hour!

 On 2nd October at19:00 cinema “Riga” offers "The Rolling Stones" lovers a unique opportunity to see the concert movie "Ladies & Gentlemen… The Rolling Stones” on the big screen for the first and only time in Latvia. In this movie the legendary band takes the fans back to the summer tour, which brought their career to unprecedented heights.

The historically important work includes classic hits from the 1972 tour in support of the album “The Exile on Main Street" and an interview with Mick Jagger recently filmed exclusively for this movie at the London Dorchester Hotel.  Jagger and the other “The Rollings Stone” stars – Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts take their fans on a journey to the wonderful summer they moved millions of fans in sold-out concerts all over the world.

“This is a fantastic show and the energy is up in the air…everything is very focused and fantastic"- Mick Jagger

“I knew that “Tumbling Dice” live is an incredible piece” - Keith Richards

The original material of “Ladies & Gentlemen…The Rolling Stones” filmed in 16mm by Bob Freeze and Steve Gebhardt from the Butterfly Films owned by John Lennon is restored especially for this cinematic event to give the fans a unique opportunity to return to the epic concert of 1972.   The restored version of the legendary concert tour is offered in theatres worldwide by Eagle Rock Entertainment and Omniverse Vision together with More2Screen.

Kino "Rīga"

Have you managed to see the newest in German animation?The exhibition and the movies can be seen in Goethe Institut in Riga until the 25th September.But offer more than just German animation.

The exhibition has motivated the students of Agenskalns State German Gymnasium (I apologize for using the new name of the school not yet approved by Riga City Council) to participate in an animation workshop.What will the result look like?You can find it out by visiting us on 23.09.2010 at  16:00, when we will demonstrate the work of the students as well as screen the latest work of the Masters of Latvian animation – movie “Brother Rabbit conquers Brother Lion”.This will be the PREMIERE OF THIS ANIMATION!

You are welcome to the Goethe Institut in Riga!

Gētes institūts
09.10 - 07.11.2010
11:00 - 18:00

The exhibition unites the diploma works of the graduates of Bachelor and Master programmes of the Art Academy of Latvia with the shared motto:“New spirit of Purvitis at Riga space!”It is intended as an interactive process engaging in the exchange of thinking, judgments and knowledge while not offering a single truth – art has always been and always will be the amazingly active, creative and uncompromising thinking.

The students invite us to look, see, think and share the impressions about the achievements of the last few years – a time long enough for the students to receive their art diplomas and a pass to an independent creative development.

The exhibition displays the works of already well known young artists – Janis Avotins, Atis Jakobsons, Kate Krolle, Ieva Veita, Zane Balode, Alise Medina and many others.

At the same time everyone is welcome to join the creative workshops offering an opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of the different art departments represented in the exhibition.   There will be meetings and discussions with the artists, a “get-to-know the Art Academy of Latvia” afternoon and a fashion show by the students of the Department of Fashion Art organized exclusively for this exhibition.

Colour, line and shape are the basics every artist works with.  The manifold variations of line and the never-ending stroke endow the works with life; the colour in its everlasting variety provides them with a unique character, while shape creates the presence of perfection.These three means of expressions are important for all art forms but every one of them particularly characterizes the departments of painting, sculpture and graphic.

The new spirit of Purvitis is the embodiment and the heir of the 90 years long traditions of the Art Academy of Latvia.  Having a good knowledge of the anatomy of composition, colour, line, shape and light and adopting the intellectual activity infused in the Academy by its first rector and classic Latvian painter Vilhelms Purvitis, it takes its own path in the context of a new era, new ideals and individual experiences.The Art Academy of Latvia has always been filled with dreams, crazy ideas, doubts and fears.  The new spirit has always been roaming the halls and workshops of the academy.

Rīgas Mākslas telpa

The Tourism Information Point is open to visitors from 15 May to 15 October. Information on tourism possibilities in Vecpiebalga county – the rural districts of Vecpiebalga, Ineši, Kaive,Taurene, Dzērbene.

The Tourism Information Point is located by the Nēķens Manor in Taurene. Phone +371 26110724

  • Languages spoken: 
    • English
    • Latvian
    • Russian
Working Hours: 

Open from Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:00.
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Available from 15 May to 15 October.

The initial steps in the development of the museum started with the inventory of historic rolling stock preserved in Latvia, of the objects and photographs about the history of railways. The collected material and objects comprised the basis of the first exhibition opened on 5 August 1994 on the 75th anniversary of the Latvian railways. 

On 30 August 1994, three branches of the museum were set up – in Riga, Jelgava and Daugavpils. On 2 August 1997, the small exposition hall was opened on Uzvaras Bulvāris, Riga, featuring the history of railways in Latvia. In 2000, the museum moved to new facilities not only accommodating a display, but also hosting events, concerts and exhibitions.  

Major collections in the museum's holdings contain photographic negatives, postcards and photographs, featuring railway stations, engineering structures, the process of building railway lines, opening ceremonies for bridges, scenes from railwaymen's life and work, locomotives with passenger cars and goods wagons. The second largest group of objects is communications and signaling equipment, as well as stations' work implements and tools, and the collections of railway personnel uniforms and insignia.

Exposition in Jelgava and Daugavpils

The sources of the Jelgava Railway Museum date back to the early 1980s. In February 1981, the Board of the Jelgava District Branch of the Railway Employees' Trade Union took a decision to establish the Jelgava Railway public museum of the military and labour glory, which was launched on 24. December 1981. 

In 1997, an exposition was displayed in this building featuring the Jelgava Railway Junction, 600mm railways in Kurzeme, communications and signalling equipment. Until 2005 including, the Jelgava exposition was developed and maintained by a long-term railway employee, member of the Latvian Railwaymen Association Leons Skandats. In summer 2005, the roof of the old building was repaired and sanitary facilities upgraded.

The Daugavpils branch was established in autumn of 1994 in association with the Personnel Department of the Daugavpils Operation District, and the expositions was hosted by the Railwaymen's Culture Centre building. The branch was closed as from 31 December 1999.

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  • Access for disabled people
  • Free parking
  • WC
  • WiFi Internet

The Sailing Ship Libava is a ship from the time of the famous Duke Jacob of Courland. This ship was recently completed in a Russian shipyard, however its shape and rigging, right down to the finest details, is in accordance with the ancient sailing ship prototypes.

Notwithstanding the fact that this sailing ship is but 17 meters in length, it fears neither waves nor wind and has already sailed more than a thousand nautical miles from Petrozavodsk to Liepāja. The body of the ship is made of sturdy wood, and contains a sure diesel motor as well as all manner of modern navigational aids.

No less important is comfort – the ship contains five double occupancy cabins all with heating and shower, and a common cabin area with sauna, the likes of which would hardly have been imaginable by the lords from Courland of the 17th century. This sailing ship is too small to sail the great oceans, but large enough to convey you to any location in the Baltic Sea. This sailing ship is an ideal choice for a short romantic journey, as wedding and other ceremonies held on the deck of this ship will become indelible memories.

The Farm Saulstari offers all nature lovers and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to relax in a wild-life reserve. The 170-hectare property Saulstari is home to some 300 deer - red deer, fallow deer, and white deer.

Wild boar are also a part of the local environment. This is an ideal location to enjoy contact with animals in the wild, and this can only be good for everyone, but especially for people with special requirements.  It is no coincidence that psychological studies have concluded that animals have a positive influence on the healing of people with various developmental problems.  Visitors are welcome at Saulstari, families as well as larger groups (up to fifty people).

Upon request, the Deer Park will provide an experienced guide who will be able to explain many interesting and informative facts. Visitors will also be able to offer treats for the animals (with buckets of apples and seeds) thus being able to take part in the feeding of the deer. The deer farm also offers the possibility of purchasing deer meat, which is a very healthy and dietary product.

20.10 - 26.10.2010

The international film actors’ festival "Baltic Pearl” has become an annual treat of all film lovers: along with the film celebrities themselves it also brings the golden classics of Hollywood onto the big screen, as well as captivating new films from all over the world.

"Baltic Pearl" is an opportunity to see all the major awardees of the latest Cannes Film Festival: "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Palme d’Or), "Of Gods and Men" by Xavier Beauvois (Grand Prix), "On Tour" by Mathieu Amalric (Award for Best Director), "Certified Copy" by Abbas Kiarostami (Award for Best Actress). In total, the "Baltic Pearl" offers 12 motion pictures from the Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, for the first time the "Baltic Pearl" can proudly advertise the screening of films which haven’t been seen by anybody else but their creators and the film selection committees of the Toronto International Film Festival and the esteemed Venice Film Festival. The audience will receive the best of the best from the leading international festivals - films which they could barely dream of seeing.


During the seven days of the festival the "Baltic Pearl" will also provide an insight into the "haute couture" of the contemporary cinema, regarded as a trend-setter for the years to come. It’s a fashion which at times can be exhibitionistic and extravagant, and as far from the mass production as possible. The cinemagoers should also brace themselves for moral provocations prepared by some astonishingly talented film directors, whose imprint on the contemporary cinema is undeniable. The festival calendar will be available from early September along with the opening of ticket pre-sale. 

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