Tukums is a small, garden-embosomed town at the gateway to Kurzeme (Courland), but the citizens of Tukums have always considered themselves as citizens of Kurzeme due to their Kurzeme-like proud and stubborn character.

  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Photo: Aija Neilande
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Photo: Aija Neilande
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Photo: Uģis Grantiņš
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Photo: Uģis Grantiņš
  • Tukums – Town of Roses
  • Photo: Uģis Grantiņš

In Tukums the peace of a small town meets the dynamic rhythm of modern life making everyone, i.e., those going to the museum and those enjoying loud and fun activities, feeling good. The Old Town with the cobblestoned streets and old housing invites to a romantic walk with friends or loved ones. Artists of different generations become creatively inspired in Tukums.

The centre of the town with the fountain is the best place for arranging meetings, and it does not matter if you are young or not that young anymore. Delicious food and comfortable atmosphere in cafes and taverns and hospitable and responsive people are the characteristics of Tukums!

During winter the visitors have the opportunity to ski in the vicinity of Tukums. Those who do not enjoy the cold outdoors may skate in the ice-hall or bowl. In spring cherry-trees, apple-trees and pear-trees bloom all around. During summer the sweet smell of roses can be felt here like nowhere else. There even is a saying – go for beauty in Tukums!

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Industry of arms and ammunition is always associated with certain secrecy and mystery, and therefore Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory established in 1885 has raised such interest. The factory is the oldest ammunition plant in the Northern Europe, the only factory of such kind in the Baltic States and one of the oldest objects of industrial history in Latvia.

The factory has the only lead casting tower in Europe that still works.

Through centuries, i.e., during the tsarist Russia, the first Free State of Latvia, the Soviet Union and the independence period of Latvia, the factory has always produced high quality lead shots for hunting and it is still involved in this activity. The factory has equipment and structures built in the 19th century and supplemented before and after both World Wars, and they are well harmonized with the modern equipment of manufacturing the ammunition.

The factory offers seeing the historic exhibition and lead shot casting workshop and climbing its unique 37 m high tower with 19 m deep cooling well under it. You may see the famous Church Hill (Baznīcu kalns)of Daugavpils, the city centre and the distant fortress walls from the factory tower.  The ammunition factory is the destination of many local and foreign tourists willing to experience the unique ambience of the 19th century and learn about the operation of the ancient equipment today. After visiting the factory everyone is invited to test the ready production at the factory's shooting-gallery. Visit to the factory may be combined with seeing Daugavpils Fortressand other military objects, thus gaining an extensive insight into many aspects of Latvian military history.

Offers guided tours of the town (In Latvian, German, English, Russian); bicycle rental; booking accommodation in the town and nearest vicinity; canoe rental; canoeing and paddle-boat rides on Dzirnavu Pond; information for tourists.

Riga Tourism Information Centre is located on Town Hall Square in Old Town Riga and it was established on January 1st, 2002 as an institution of Riga City Council. The multifunctional Riga Tourist Information Centre is aimed at promoting the tourism coordination and development of Riga city and providing wholesome information on tourism opportunities in Riga.

Consultations in English, Russian and Latvian on leisure and tourist opportunities, guided tours, tourist routes, bus routes and public transportation in Riga and to other Latvian destinations. Information on the best hotels and reservation on-line.

Town Hall Square Tourist Information Centre (TIC) offers:

  • LIVE RĪGA souvenirs gaining BalticMiles points (find the offer here);
  • online accommodation booking;
  • postcards, stamps and envelopes (there is a mailbox at the TIC);
  • Riga Card, offering free museum entrance, as well as discounts up to 50% for bus tours and guided tours in Old Riga, as well as at hotels, restaurants, entertainment, car rental and other places;
  • Riga public transport electronic ticket (E-TICKET);
  • tickets to various events (BilesuServiss.lv);
  • LuxExpress and SIMPLE international express coach tickets;
  • various excursion tickets (guided tours, bus tours, etc.);
  • guides, books, maps and public transport scheme;
  • O!Karte mobile phone start package, mobile internet cards and “Traveller’s start package”;
  • mobile phone top-up codes (for operators O!Karte, ZeltaZivtiņa, Amigo, Bite);
  • Rīgas Doms concert tickets;
  • BalticTaxi coupons.

Riga Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is located in the Old Riga near Livu Square. It offers free consultations, informative materials, maps and free WiFi.

Consultants provide information on various tourism offers, excursions, tour guides, tourism routes and excursion bus lines, public transport in Riga and possibilities to go to other cities of Latvia. Consultants will suggest suitable hotels and make reservations on-line.

The main function of the TIC is collecting and providing tourism information on Rezekne, Rezekne and Vilani districts, Latgale, Latvia and its districts and promoting tourism in Latvia.

TIC offers free information on:
  • Latvia;
  • travelling to and from Latvia;
  • town plan and area map in Rezekne town and Rezekne district, Vilani district, Latgale, Latvia;
  • public transportation schedules in Rezekne town and Rezekne district, Vilani district, Latgele;
  • nature, cultural, historical and other sightseeing objects in Rezekne town and Rezekne district, Vilani district, Latgale, Latvia;
  • accommodation, catering, travel and other services in Rezekne town and Rezekne district, Vilani district, Latgale, Latvia;
  • entertainment opportunities and businesses providing theses services in the town and Rezekne district, Vilani district, Latgale, Latvia;

Tourism Information Centre performs:

  • monthly updates of Internet portals www.latgale.lv; www.rezeknesnovads.lv and other.
  • placement of materials in stands;
  • preparation of printed matter (booklets, maps, brochures etc.);
  • preparation for Balttour exhibitions;
  • inspection of objects in Rezekne and Vilani districts;

Cesis Tourism Development and Information Centre offers:tourism information, souvenirs, maps, postcards, booking of accommodation, Internet and guide services (for the medieval castle of Cesis, Old Town, the town).

Theatrical programs are also available.Medieval games – an opportunity to experience medieval times with the help of various strength and agility games.Such games were played already from an early childhood thus providing the necessary skills to become a true knight. The servants of the castle will help you test your skills in fighting on a balance-beam, walking on stilts, throwing stones at an aim, pulling a stick and other tests.

More information on the programs:Ieva Kalnina, phone:+371 26339342, e-mail:ieva.cesis@inbox.lv

Tickets for the Cesis Castle complex (Cesis medieval castle, Cesis Museum of History and Art and Exhibition House) are sold up to 45 min before closure.

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Tavern on the ancient Amber Way is located in the longest building of Old Riga – Jacob`s barracks – Torņa Street 4 – 2C. In this house there have always lived soldiers so don`t be surprised if you hear steps or love whispers... If you don`t believe us, stay till midnight!

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    Monday - Sunday13:00 - 00:00

Steiku Haoss– Riga's trailblazer in the aesthetics and cuisine of the Wild West – has expanded into three restaurants over the last ten years. Steak is our passion, and we know what that entails. Of the 17 different steak dishes listed on our menu, any one could stand alone as a featured item, whether it be the naturally strong-flavoured Argentinian bife de chorizo, our beef tenderloin matured in olive oil, or the lean, yet succulent, fillet mignon.

Since our chefs have interned at Copenhagen's Noma (rated as the world's best restaurant for three years in a row), they have brought new dimensions to Steiku Haoss: the appetizers, soups, salads and condiments have become more refined, the desserts – ever more enticing, and the wine list – decidedly selective.