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TOP 10 Destinations

This section shows the top 10 travel destinations in Latvia.

Among these destinations you will find unique natural objects, big-city opulence, as well as small-town intimacy and charm. These ten destinations are a good starting point for getting to know Latvia.

A bird’s-eye view of Old Riga
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Old Riga

Old Riga is the historical and geographical centre of Riga on the right bank of the Daugava. Old Riga covers a relatively small inner area...
Rātslaukums un Kuldīgas TIC
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The Historical Centre of Kuldīga

The historical centre of Kuldīga started developing as far back as the 13th century and has preserved urban planning elements dating back...
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Cēsis Old Town

Cēsis is situated in the centre of Vidzeme and is one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia. The medieval castle ruins are the symbol of...
parks tīts rītausmas gaismā un miglā
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Gauja National Park

The territory is established to protect the ancient valley of the Gauja River and the unique natural values of its environs. One third of...


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