Cesvaine Tourism Centre

Cesvaine is in the middle of Vidzeme, Cesvaine Municipality. The town has a territory of 511 ha with an extensive rural territory 180 km east from Riga. Total area – 19’047 ha. Population – 3’114 (2010). 91% of the population is of Latvian nationality. The largest rural centres: Graši, Kārkli, Kārzdaba, Kraukļi. Cesvaine has town rights since 1991.

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The highest hillocks are Ūsiņa Hill (259 m above sea level) located in Kārzdaba vicinity rich with hillocks, Stradu Hill, Austra Hill, etc. Kuja River meanders from northeast to southeast (77 km).

Sūla River winds through the town centre. Tirza River flows north of the territory by the border of Gulbene District. Little Virāne (Mazais Virānes) Lake is at the border of Tirza Parish. Other largest lakes: Kārzdabas, Kaulačezers, Lūšu, Lielezers, Mucenieku. Marshes: Čonku Marsh, Velna Marsh, Sakņupītes Marsh. Approximately 43% of the territory (7’934 ha) is covered with forests. Protected nature objects: Cesvaine and grašu parks, Vaļģu velnakmens (devil’s stone), Spruktu Oak, Ozolkalna Oak, etc.

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Tourism Information Centre: Cesvaine Castle, Pils Street 1. Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00.