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ĒrgļiMunicipalitywas established in 2006 by combination of three parishes: Ērgļi, Jumurda and Sausnēja. The decision on establishment of a municipality was adopted in the Cabinet of Ministers meeting of 6 September 2006 pursuant to the Regulations No. 743 “Regulations on Establishment of Madona District Ērgļi Municipality”, which have been issued in line with Paragraph 3 of Section 6.1 of the Administrative Territorial Reform Law.

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Ērgļi parish is located in NW region of Madona District. Its neighbouring parishes are Mazozoli parish of Ogre district, Kaive parish of Cēsis district and Jumurda, Sausnēja and Vestiena parishes of Madona district. The territory of the parish covers 13’138.5 ha, i.e., 36% of it is land used for agriculture (consisting of 55% of arable land, 11% of meadows and 34% of pastures), 52% - forests, 1% - marsh, 2% - land covered with roads, 2% - land under waters, 2% - courtyards, 5% - other land.

The secret of the vital capacity of Ērgļi Municipality is the combination of unique and beautiful natural landscapes and wonderful people. In the municipality’s hills and valleys we are addressed by the great spirits from past which have left us with rich cultural historic heritage and a special energetic field, which does not allow us to lapse in self-contentment and modesty.

56.898129, 25.635910
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    Rīgas iela 10, Ērgļi district, Ērgļi parish , Ērgļi, LV-4840
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    +371 64871299
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    +371 64871231
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Working days, from 8.00 to 17.00.

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