Koknese Tourism Centre

Koknese Tourism Centre provides tourism information about Koknese Municipality and it is the manager of Koknese castle-ruins. Koknese TIC is located at the building of Koknese Municipality Council.

  • Model of Koknese Castle
Kokneses tūrisma centrs
  • Likteņdārzs

We will welcome you when bird-cherries blossom at the bank of Pērse River and so will the girl carved in granite; she will tell about the place where Pērse River waterfall could be seen once. Visit us in spring! We will walk through bloomy dandelions to Bulandi castle mound in Irši where a chest of money was buried centuries ago. There is no other place where to find out about the origin of Irši settlement and the historic evidence about the settlement today.

 Put on your backpack and pay us a visit by bicycle, train or car, alone or with friends! Travel around your homeland Latviaas the boxing champion and sculptor Voldemārs Jākobsons.His travelling backpacks can be seen at his home, the memorial museum Galdiņi in Bebri parish. When in Bebri, your feet will take you to Vecbebri Park with the proud Vecbebri Castle at the top of the hill.

Meet summer's evenings in Koknese! Enjoy the magic of ancient times at Koknese castle-ruins on the bank of Daugava River, go boating and find out that there is a place to return to again and again. You are welcome also in autumn when the wind brings golden leaves to the isle in the middle of Daugava River. Visit our cherished memorial site Likteņdārzs. Come and light a candle in the darkest time of autumn in remembrance and for our future.

Dear traveller, you are welcome in our Koknese Municipality! We take pride in what we have and we know how to cheer and surprise!  See you here!


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