Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre was established in October 1994 as a joint enterprise of the Kuldīga Town Council and Kuldīga District Council with an aim to foster the tourism industry in Kuldīga and its district, creating a positive and attractive vision of Kuldīga both in Latvia and abroad. Over the 13 years of its operation, the centre has had nine staff members.

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Kuldīga is a small Latvian town but according to the statistical data, up to 1 October 2008 its Tourism Information Centre has been visited by 10 248 people inquiring about entertainment, recreation, and accommodation possibilities.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre assisted in organising several innovative and yet unprecedented events in Latvia as well as in developing a number of new tourism products -  "The Soviet Charm Show", The All-Latvian Gathering of Soviet Cars, "The Operation – Set Your Speed to 50", and various original activities during the Kuldīga town festivities.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre also takes part in creating innovative tourism projects. Within the "Hansa Pasage" project, the first tourism demonstration route in Latvia was devised, with the application of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for tourism needs.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre has also installed a bike rental with 200 bicycles – the largest in Latvia. Every year the Centre lays out new cycling lanes in the vicinity of Kuldīga, supplied with proper street signs, marks in nature, special maps for cycling tourists and GPS.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre also manufactures different town souvenirs on a regular basis, the latest being a set of playing cards. 13 tourism brochures about Kuldīga have been published, as well as several books and a photo album.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre has received several national tourism awards, diplomas and official notes of gratitude. In 2004, the centre was among the first enterprises in Latvia to receive the certificate of a child-friendly enterprise.

Due to a project application prepared by the Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre in 2007, the town was marked as the "European Destination of Excellence" in a competition organised by the European Commission, the Latvian Ministry of Economy and the Tourism Development State Agency.

Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre was a co-founder of the Kurzeme Tourism Association; it is also a cooperation partner of the Tourism Development State Agency, the association "Rural Traveller", the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and other professional tourism organisations.

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    Baznīcas iela 5, Kuldīga district, Kuldīga, LV-3301
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