Ventspils Tourism Information Centre

Ventspils Tourism Information Centre every year organises various events for the promotion of tourism development, such as the competition of Ventspils souvenirs, Ventspils photo competition and Ventspils tourism conference. At the close of 2007 the first competition of accommodation places was organised. Special courses for Ventspils guides were arranged too – in 2002, in 2004 and in 2008.


To spread the word about the Ventspils city, tourism brochures have been published in eight languages, as well as tourism maps in four languages, a booklet for children, two versions of the Ventspils calendar – business-style and with pictures, and photo albums “Ventspils 700+10” and “Ventspils 700+15”. In cooperation with the publishing house “Jumava”, a Ventspils photo guide has been released. In 2001 at the start of the tourism season an informative sheet about the tourism offers in the city was published for the first time, which in 2005 grew into the Ventspils Tourism Paper. The newspaper is published in four languages in spring and in two languages in autumn, addressing its readership as a supplement to the largest daily papers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Every month the Tourism Information Centre also makes the poster of upcoming events in the city.  

Ventspils is advertised in a number of international fairs - in Helsinki, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Gothenburg, Berlin and Hamburg - each year bringing more and more tourists to the city.  

The following Information Centre activities have become a regular feature of the city events calendar: the opening of the tourism season, the International Tourism Day festivities and the annual tourism conference. Likewise, the Tourism Information Centre is actively involved in the creation of new tourism products and in the implementation of various projects, such as devising the tourist route Ventspils - Liepāja – Klaipēda (also called The Baltic Coast), the reconstruction of Handicraft House within the project “Handicraft on the Baltic Seacoast”, the renovation of the Market Square within the project “The renovation of Ventspils city historical centre for tourism development” and “The development of the 600mm narrow railway, the only one in the Baltics, as a culturally historical object: its incorporation in the Ventspils transport structures and in the international tourism flow”.  

Ventspils Tourism Information Centre collaborates with Kurzeme Tourism Association, Tourism Development State Agency, the Association of Latvian Travel Agents, the Association of Latvian Tourism Information Organisations and other professional tourism associations. It should also be noted that Ventspils city has been included among the TOP 10 of Latvian tourism objects - a list prepared for the foreign tourists by the Tourism Development State Agency.   

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