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October – Latvian fish

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01.10.2012 kuni 31.10.2012

Latvia is rich in waters, therefore fish dishes have been served for centuries here. There are many and various fish dishes in Latvian cuisine — therefore in October we recommend to try the special fish meals in the restaurants of Riga. It will be a great experience of taste!

Skillfully prepared freshwater fish will be outstanding. Definitely try fish soup — its aromatic and strengthening broth with greens, mild white fish meat, potatoes, and carrots will be a good beginning of a meal.

Fried pike with greens, steamed trout with vegetables, or carp smoked with apple-tree wood with salt, pepper, and garlic — they are all very delicious!

Crayfish boiled in dill and salt-water offers phenomenal bouquet of flavors.

It is a delicacy!

Try sea fish dishes — flounder fried in butter with herb stew, smoked sea bass, or eel. Smoked or pickled Baltic sprat with onions will also be delicious.

Of course, try also the classics of Latvian cuisine — herring with boiled potatoes and curd!

Lampreys take a special place within the choice of fish dishes. Lampreys are caught with special lamprey weirs, then they are grilled and put into wooden tubs. Lamprey will be great with white bread and fresh butter with greens, slice of lemon, horseradish, and black olives.

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