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Winter Doings of Riga

Kuupäev Kuupäev: 

New winter tradition in the city event calendar invites to plays andgameswithsymbols of Riga. Black cat? Roster at the top of the tower in Riga? Lielais Kristaps (Big Christopher)? Which is the symbol of Riga today? 

By encouraging to identify and search for new symbols of Riga, in 2013 Winter Doings of Riga, channel beaver became a favourite of inhabitants of Riga. Activities take place all day: there will be a maskparade of inhabitants of Riga, exciting andathleticcompetitions, artist workshops, variousperformances and urban dances by the most popular DJs, carnival parades with images of symbols of Riga designed by artists. Winter Doings of Riga has a special closing event ¾Winter Ball.

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