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Big band Mats Holmquist Stora Stygga in a concert


October 27th,  19:00, the big bandMats Holmquist Stora Stygga will play the Big Bands Minimalism program in a concert.Author calls the music of his coming CD Big Band Minimalism an Afro-American minimalism or improved minimalism.

Composing these works the author used the minimalism ideas and principles of Steve Reich and John Adams.Thus a new sound was created, which has never been heard before.This program has already been acclaimed as the most original performance of Mats Holmquist.
The concert will be opened by a youth big band City Jazz Youth Band


Mats Holmquist, leader

Pär Grebacken
Johan Christoffersson
Robert Nordmark
Henrik Westerberg
Fredrik Lindborg

Torbjörn Isaks
Stefan Persson
Per Anelid
Jonne Bentlöv
Tobias Wiklund

Peter Fredriksson
Andreas Carpvik
Petter Hängsel
Anders Wiborg

Mikel Ulfberg, Guitar
Erik Lindeborg, Piano
Martin Sjöstedt, Bass
Tomas Järmyr, Drums

Big Bands Festival at Riga Art Space a Big Band Festival from October 23rd till November 15th at Riga city exhibition hall Riga Art Space offering 3 concerts with local and foreign musical stars playing jazz music.

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