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"Funeral for a friend" in concert hall Palladium


The Welsh post-hardcore band Funeral for a Friend will perform at the concert hall Palladium on March 24th. They are referred to as the founders of Welsh modern punk genre, and the band’s music is described as a combination of punk, heavy metal and melodic hardcore.

The concert tickets are available starting with Thursday, October 11th, at booking offices of Biļešu Serviss and on www.bilesuserviss.lv. Ticket price – LVL 12.

Funeral for a Friend are a post-hardcore band from Bridgend and are called the heroes of contemporary rock. Founded in 2001, the band perform a fusion of several genres from heavy metal and screamo to melodic hardcore and rock. The musical style of the band has been influenced by such cult status bands as Deftones, Iron Maiden, The Misfits and The Get Up Kids.

New Music Express (NME) rated the debut album of the band Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation (2003) with 8/10 points and described it as a beginning of a new punk era. After becoming widely popular in the United Kingdom, Funeral for a Friend boasts with several critically acclaimed albums and many Top 20 singles in Wales.

Band’s albums Hours (2005) and Tales Don't Tell Themselves (2007) are marked with energetic variations of melodies and openly soulful lyrics ensuring even more fame to the band and the status of golden and silver certificate albums in the United Kingdom. With their last album Welcome Home Armageddon (2011) Funeral for a Friend returned to its original punk music sound. The release of the band's sixth studio album Conduit is scheduled for January 2013.

The members of Funeral for a Friend include the lead vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye, guitarists Kris Coombs-Roberts and Gavin Burrough, bassist Richard Boucher and the drummer Pat Lundy.

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