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Riga celebrates Sherlock Holmes Birthday


On January 5th, 2012 it will already be the second time, that Riga will celebrate "Sherlock Holmes Birthday". The project, created in 2012 by Riga marketing agency PR LINIJA and supported by many enthusiasts and fans of the literature character is aimed to bring to our city a colourful and unforgettable atmosphere, to create many interactive events, attract tourists from all over the world and, of course, to celebrate the Birthday of best known and beloved investigator on the planet – Sherlock Holmes.

Our city is the only one in the world, celebrating most unexpected Birthday – Birthday of literature and film character Sherlock Holmes. On this day all the fans of stories about Sherlock Holmes by famous English writer Conan Doyle can become the detective or any other character. The best will be awarded, all the others are granted to have fascinating time spent in our city.

We invite to take part in the unique costumed procession of «Sherlock’s Holmes’s», which will be held in the centre of the city and will finish with festive ceremony by the famous Holmes’s house at Baker street 221B (Old Riga, Jauniela street 21).

Besides, the programme will include a variety of festive events, where each could take an active part in.

The event is supported by Riga City Council and Riga Tourism Development Bureau Live Riga.


13.00-15.00 Traditional procession of «Sherlock’s Holmes’s»in Riga, finishing at the Old Riga

Competition for participants will be held in two categories:

  • BEST HOLMES - All great detective's character interpretations are acceptable. Book or film inspired, as well as own individual interpretation. You don't have to go 'overboard' and replicate every little detail, a few clever and creative touches will be just enough to re-create easily recognizable character.
  • BEST CHARACTER - This competition involves all the characters of the book. From beloved doctor Watson up to dangerous but charismatic professor Mortimer to most kind Missis Hudson and beautiful Iren Adler. Sir Henry, doctor Watson, Mortimer, Barrymore and many others will take part in the colourful parade.

Participant registration will be open in advance on the festivity web page www.holmes.lvand directly in the organizing point before the procession. All participants, claiming for the prize must register: photo, personal data and description of the character. A respectable jury will choose the winners.


England is a country of  'dogs'. Conan Doyle described our four-legged friends with the great deal of knowledge in his stories about Sherlock Holmes. This is the reason our parade will attract the best representatives of the highly aesthetic English breeds. Baskerville hounds will be present as well. The venue of the parade – Dome Square. 

14.00-16.00 «PORRIGDE, SIR»

Traditional British lunch – porridge with jam. Served by butler Barrymore. Place of venue - Dome Square


Various cafes and coffee-shops of the old town will serve their guests traditional Five o'clock cream tea -  5.00 pm

14.00-18.00 RETRO PHOTO

Photo shoots for event’s guests in the recreated indoor scenes and with a vast variety of atributes.


Evening events will include film shows, presenting the films from all over the world, be it Russia or Japan. Night Clubs will invite you to take part in the Victorian era themed parties. There also will be fancy-dress parties, walk-abouts and fireworks. 

Souvenir shops and fairs in Old Riga will remain open all day long. You will be able to take part in the excursion, covering all the places depicted in the legendary film. All volunteers will be able to participate in the interactive 'who's done it?” investigation game, brought to you buy international network of active urban games Encounter .

*Event times and their final list may change. Please follow information on the official celebration website holmes.lv, as well as on our page on Facebook/Sherlock Homes' Birthday.

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