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Riga Photo Month

01.05.2014 - 31.05.2014

New tradition established for a biennial photography festival in Riga. 

In the year of Riga’s reign as European Capital of Cuture, welcome the very first "Riga Photo Month". May-wide, local residents and tourists will have the opportunity to view exhibits, be part of various activities outdoors, attend artist presentations,  speak to photography professionals one-on-one or in a discussion group, stroll the Photo-market, etc.etc.

Set as the main event of the month is the exhibition titled: "Urban Viewfinders. Baltic and Nordic contemporary photography", which is described as focusing on "finding oneself in today’s urban space, studying the interaction between public and private, local and global, mental and physical.

Here you will see the latest trends in photography, and avenues sought and/or taken to break traditional barriers."

The objective of "Riga Photo Month 2014” is determining the latest developments in the art of photography, not just in meetings with professional phptographers and artists, but also by addressing and involving a wide spectrum of society. This festival is to be held once every two years.

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