Organ music in the sign of BACH: premiere of the trilogy’s Liepāja part

During the project, "Organ music in the sign of BACH" ("Ērģeļmūzika BACH zīmē"), in Liepāja Holy Trinity Church , the premiere of the new trilogy’s part for Liepāja, composed by Jānis Lūsēns.

Liepāja Holy Trinity Church
  • Liepāja Holy Trinity Church
  • Photo: "www.latvia.travel"

This concert series (Latvian: "Ērģeļmūzika Baha zīmē") in 2014 co-joins three churches in Latvia – Dubulti Evangelical, Riga Dome Cathedral and Liepaja Holy Trinity. From May to September, new works will be premiered there, making up a new series - "Latvian Trilogy for Organ".

The project will bring together more than 20 organists, as well as quire, soloists, individual musicians and Latvian National Symphony orchestra.

Liepāja Holy Trinity Church
Lielā iela 9, Liepāja, LV-3403
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56.509796, 21.013412
Pakeista informacija: 11.06.2014