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14th International sacred music festival concert


The world premiere of Petera Vahi’s opus “Mary Magdalene’s Gospel” will take place at this concert.

Petera Vahi is one of Estonian music’s most original personalities, a Buddhist, and owner of a large collection of Eastern traditional musical instruments. Infatuated with the synthesis of various genres in his music, he uses electronics widely in his latest works. As opposed to traditional passion, this composition is not about the suffering of Jesus Christ, but reflects Jesus’ meditations, philosophy, as well as the notes of the apostles – it is dedicated to one of the most secret and least known of the New Testament’s gospels – the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

The work has been created in the Coptic language, which was spoken in Egypt until the 16th century. It’s possible that this may be the first musical work developed in the Coptic language in the world.

Sevara Nazarkhan, who will play Mary Magdalene, is one of the best known contemporary singers from Uzbekistan, having received international recognition through her regular collaboration with Peter Gabriel.
Concert participants: The State Choir “Latvija”, Rīga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Sevara Nazarkhan - Mary Magdalene, soprano (Uzbekistan), Priit Volmer - Jesus Christ, bass (Estonia), Tonis Magi - narrator (Estonia), conductor Risto Joost (Estonia).

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St Peter’s Church
Skārņu iela 19, LV-1050