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Anton Kubikov, Oriola 701 at Riga Art Space


On December 21st we will bring back the mood of late 90's parties and will open the doors of a cubic shelter for friends, memories and good vibes! On a day when our planet will rush through "0" coil space-time continuum, we will remember how it all began and will dream about the future! 


Anton Kubikov [pro-tez / shanti club / moscow]

Oriola 701 [live]

Ksenia Kamikaza

Miller Light

Slo: mo

VJ Wickiss

Anton Kubikov - iconic person of the Russian electronic scene, the owner of the label PRO-TEZ and part of a project SCSI-9. The man who played in the best clubs in European capitals and publishing their works in such global labels like Trapez, Salo, Freizeitglauben, Kompakt, Klik. 

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