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Kalnciema Kvartala fairs

02.03.2013 till 28.09.2013

Kalnciema quarter of 2009 from the 8th March organize fairs. Their original purpose was to create a space in which to assemble Latvian crafts, handcrafts and farmers. In times of crisis, many lost their jobs, money, houses, etc., which led to each pull oneself together and start doing something to earn a living. Kalnciema Kvartals offered its territory to that concept, and began Kalnciema Kvartals era.

At first fairs were a once a month, now they are organized 2 times a month, except January and February. Each fair has its theme and mood. Try to adjust the Latvian traditions, we invite to perform Latvian folk groups and clusters. We think also of children's entertainment while their parents shop, kids can draw, glue or engage in any other creative activity or ride the carousel.

What is special in Kalnciema Kvartals fair and why to visit it?

There are many interesting craft products from the trees and finally to glass, various agricultural products, fresh baked bread, cakes, milk, cottage cheese, biscuits, meat, fish, vegetables and all that is characteristic for Latvia. We offer not only Latvian-produced wine, but also a good wine from Italy, which can consume on the spot with a delicious lunch.

During the summer fairs are building on Thursday evenings, every other Thursday evening. From 16:00 to 21:00 we offer to shop, sit down in apple garden with a glass of wine or have a delicious dinner with colleagues and good friends. Starting from the 21:30 offer concerts and fun entertainment for the evening.

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Kalnciema iela
Kalnciema iela 35 un 37, LV-1046
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