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Spring Festival ''Windstream''

20.03.2014 till 20.04.2014

In 2014, spring festival "Windstream" will take place for the fifth time, and the unifying leitmotif of the festival will be works by J. S. Bach.

On 20 March, when astronomicalspring will begin in Riga, interactive event "Šahs un Bahs"("Chess and Bach") will take place. RIGA Professional Symphonic Band and other Latvian music ensembles will compete in a chess tournament. At the same time, workshops of chess will take place ¾everyone will have an opportunity to participate in a game of chess.

On 25 March, performance of the St Mark Passion by J. S. Bach will be conducted by A. Veismanis.

On 31 March, RIGA Professional Symphonic Band and its Artistic Director M.

 Ozoliņš will provide fantasy and arrangements of Bach's compositions by Latvian composers in a concert "Bach's 329th Birthday."

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