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Urban Viewfinders

08.05.2014 till 05.06.2014

The central event of "Riga photo month 2014 Urban Viewfinders" will be exhibition "Urban Viewfinders" in Riga Art Space. It presenting work of 15 artists from Baltic and Northern region focusing on human in search of self in the modern urban space with its interplay of private and public, local and global, mental and physical.

The exhibition will also bring to the foreground the latest tendencies in photography and search for the ways to break out of traditional limits. The exhibition program will feature discussions and viewing of artist portfolios.

The program of "Riga photo month 2014. Urban Viewfinders" will include many-fold program consists of exhibitions, projects in the city environment, presentations of photographers and artists, discussions and other activities, creating, collectively, a photo map of a journey of a kind and allowing to express and experience what is the most actual in modern photography.

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Riga Art Space
Kungu iela 3, LV-1050
Association "Rīgas Fotomēnesis"