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Where is our dear scientist?

26.09.2014 till 27.10.2014

The installation "Kur ir mūsu mīļais zinātnieks?" ("Where is our dear scientist?") is based on the story, where a scientists accidentally gets lost after an unsuccessful experiment, who performs illegal manipulations with quantum physics and the primal code

The visual material will be located in three identical one-bedroom flats. It simultaneously will be the meeting place, lecture and reading room and will function as a space for communication for people with different opinions, including young and older physicists.

The art project "Kur ir mūsu mīļais zinātnieks?" ("Where is our dear scientist?") merges animation feature film and installation elements and it is carried out by artist Aigars Bikše, curator Viesturs Graždanovičs and writer Māris Bērziņš.

Parts of the project have been filmed in Riga, Japan and Switzerland - at the Hadron Collider.

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Flat in Riga centre
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