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Rēķu kalns

Foothill, forest, beautiful and romantic place without the daily hustle and bustle – a pleasant place to stay with family, friends and colleagues. The complex offers: accommodation, restaurant, Russian country sauna experience, sporting venues, family-friendly rooms, venue for corporate events, opportunity to observe beautiful nature and familiarizing with the quiet countryside lifestyle.

During winter period skiing track is available. Italian surface lift is specially designed and projected for “Reķu Kalns”. Large and wide downhill is suited for both experienced skiers and begginers. Track length is 380m, height difference is approximately 60m. A great opportunity to prepare for skiing on the steep slopes of the Alps. Whole resort rent is available during all seasons.

Our complex offers comfortable rooms – single, double, triple and quadruple including an opportunity to enjoy student lifestyle in the spacy attic room or three-room suite.

We can accommodate up to 120 people.

Madona district, Sarkaņi parish, “Rēķi”, LV-4870
+371 26535786
Room count: 
Number of beds: 
Accommodation Services & Facilities: 
Bicycle rental
Campfire place
Optional meals
Pets allowed
Picnic area
Place for tents
Place to celebrate
Sports ground
Conference Room
56.911370, 26.241095

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