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11 places to visit in Latvia to escape crowds

This is the time to discover paths less traveled in Latvia, and fortunately we have a lot of them here! We have a lot of beautiful, undiscovered and unexplored places in Latvia, scattered all over our gorgeous country. About 11 less-known places in Latvia to enjoy holidays or vacation without large crowds read in this article.

There are many places within one country that can surprise even experienced travelers. Wishing everyone safe travels and see you soon!


Curonian Viking Settlement

Viking settlement

The Curonian Viking settlement offers a unique opportunity to learn about the life of the Curonian Vikings, to put yourself into the role of a Viking, to learn legends, and to have a pleasant time with family and friends. It is an opportunity to get to know the historical places and sites of Grobiņa which have been touched by the Vikings.


Promenade in Pavilosta city

Pavilosta promenade

Pāvilosta promenade is a recently opened place to enjoy romantic walks and sunsets.

You can enjoy a quiet stroll or romantic walk with your loved one while watching the fishing boats and/or noble sailing yachts moored in the port and feeling the cool salty sea-wind on your skin, or indulge in the sun’s caresses. There is easy access to the piers and building of the Pāvilosta Local History Museum from the promenade. After a walk and time well-spent in the fresh air, we invite you to have a meal in one of the local cafés.



Linde manor park, ruins and gates


Linde manor park was built from 1767-1772, where an interesting phenomenon is the Dutch linden tree plantations growing with the roots up. Linde Manor belonged to the family of Baron von Plettenberg, who built it in the 16th century. In World War I, it was heavily bombed and not rebuilt. Walk around the manor park and have a picnic in the fresh air!


Ellite bog and trail

Ellītes sēravots

The trail leads to the Ellte sulfur spring, which has long been considered a sanctuary. By visiting the Ellite sulfur spring, you will be able to check for yourself whether the spring has healing properties or not! Although the trail is not long, during the walk you will be able to explore nature, the surrounding plants and gain positive emotions from being in nature!


Dievdarzins in Iecava

Iecavas Dievdārziņš

Dievdarzins (in English this name translates as “Garden of God”) is an ancient place on the banks of the Iecava river, which offers a picturesque view of the Iecava river and the church. It is considered to be the burial place of Napoleon's army officers who fell during the battle of Iecava during the war of 1812. There is a 210 m long wooden footbridge trail, where you can see dolomite outcrops, springs, interesting trees, including big trees, like ash tree.



Dolomite quarry “Pertnieki”

Pērtnieku karjers

A quarry in Rezekne region, which offers full-fledged recreation by the water for families with children or groups of friends, tent sites (in the warm season) and camping houses, picnic sites and barbecues, volleyball courts, a recreation area with a children's playground and swings. Nearby is a shop where you can buy "Pertnieki" delicacies - fish products, as well as various confectionery for a picnic.


Coffee roastery “KUUP”

Kafijas grauzdētava KUUP

Is coffee roasted in Latvia? Yes, indeed, and you can see for yourself by visiting the roastery "KUUP". This is the story of Latgale coffee - how coffee beans travel from coffee-growing countries to Latgale, which is a “specialty” coffee, how coffee is roasted. In the roastery you can taste coffee and buy it. You can find more about visiting the roastery on the Latgale tourism website.


Deer garden “Mezsetas”

Briežu dārzs "Mežsētas"

One of the first deer farms in Latvia, which currently has more than 300 animals from all over the world - Ireland, Poland, Holland, Hungary and Lithuania. The deer garden is located in a specially protected nature area and is a dream place for nature lovers! If you are lucky enough you can hear or even see the owl, little eagle, woodpecker, white-backed woodpecker, corncrake, black and gray woodpecker, lark and other. A special offer of the farm is a safari trip through the deer garden area.





This hidden hill, Zilaiskalns (in English this name translates as “Blue hill”) is 127 meters high hill in Koceni municipality is an ancient sanctuary, a medieval cemetery and a nature reserve. When you climb the hill, you can also see the water tower, which is an "art deco" style building and used to supply water to a nearby factory and a village. There is also an exposition that introduces both the village of Zilaiskalns and the mountain itself.


Raunas Staburags

Raunas Staburags

Raunas Staburags is a unique post-glacial natural object, a rock that is a source of freshwater limestone formed by springs and a limestone formation typical to Latvia. It is a limestone formation about 3.5 meters high and 17 meters long, which has been formed over many centuries. Check this out during your trip in Vidzeme!


Gaujiena nature trail

Gaujienas dabas taka

The nature trail in Ape region leads along the bank of the Gauja, including Gaujiena manor, as well as the pastures established for the maintenance of natural meadows. The length of the trail is 6 kilometers. It takes about 3 hours to visit and is a great stop on a trip of Vidzeme.


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