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2015: Tourism and local gastronomy

Liepaja and Liepaja Cod

Liepājas menciņš

Liepaja, the pearl of Courland, is called the city of winds. And also, the musical capital of our country because of its rich musical traditions. Liepaja is situated on the very shore of the amber sea, and its white sand seashores are as tender as silk.

But, as we know, the way to the heart is through the stomach. And, Liepaja would not be Liepaja, if it had nothing to please gourmets.

Ceramic pot with Liepaja cod spreads a wonderful aroma from a huge distance. Cod bites melt in the mouth. The bouquet of flavours is created by smoked cod, flour potatoes, herbs, and cream.


Tukums and taste of Tukums


A real hard-worker wants to eat well, and real hard-workers have lived in the lovely Kurzeme small town named Tukums since the beginning of time. By the way, we still can meet different masters of the craft in the beautiful gardens of Tukums – they forge, process skins, weave, bake bread according to ancient traditions, etc.

Tukums inhabitants prefer invigorating food, so they have chosen the Tukums Roller as their special food. It is made from juicy pork chops, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in cherry sauce. When the evening comes and romance wakes up, Tukums – the city of roses – invites us to taste the Rose Cocktail.


Dundaga with the delicious sklandrausis

The lovely small town of Dundaga is located in Kurzeme, but Kurzeme cannot be imagined without the sklandrausis. The unusual round-shaped pies, which are included today in the European Union list of products “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed”, are made from unleavened rye flour. The filling is made from carrots, which provide sweetness and a beautiful orange shade.

The traditions of sklandrausis cooking reach so far into the past that the Livs who lived on the Baltic coast in ancient times have to be remembered. Livs were one of the Latvian indigenous peoples with a peculiar culture and own language. Dundaga still feels the Liv spirit. Dundaga, memorable by the legendary medieval castle, faithfully keeps the history.


Bauska through the centuries

From barley porridge and traditional scones to an exquisite meal at the Mazmežotne Manor or the restaurant of the luxurious Rundale Palace. From herbal tea to the tasty Bauska beer. In Bauska everything is tasty and plentiful. Zemgale, where Bauska is located, boasts not only wonderful historical buildings, but also the most fertile land of Latvia.

The lovely small town of Bauska shows hospitably its gastronomic craftsmanship to tourists, and it also has its own special food. The hearty pork Bauska Thaler will manage any hunger, the dessert Sweet Castle Ruins is based on the favourite treat Sweet Brunette produced in Bauska but the historical Bauska brewery keeps the secret of the creation of the Bauska Town Council Mash.


Cēsis Medieval Castle
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