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Activities for lovers of the extreme and adventures

People are different, and so are their perceptions of what constitutes a nice holiday. Some enjoy quiet walks, museum visits, while others look for adrenaline and living-on-the-edge sensations. We have compiled some recommendations for those who are looking for extreme adventures in Latvia! 

Kamaniņu trase SiguldāExtreme adventures in Latvia during winter

A ride in a bob in Sigulda

Ice, sharp turns and speed – a ride in a bob combines all these things. Although the ride itself only lasts 60 seconds, it is enough to enjoy a really fast ride - riding down the track at more than 100 kilometers per hour. The bob pilot will make sure that the top speed is reached and that the guest on the track is satisfied and has enjoyed bright emotions.

The bobsleigh track “Makars” in Sigulda welcomes everyone during the cold season – from November to March. The ride must be pre-booked by contacting the bobsleigh track administration.

Snowmobile ride on forest trails

Not far from Līgatne is the sports and recreation complex “Līčkalni”, which offers snowmobile rides. The route of the snowmobile is specially prepared for everyone to enjoy a safe and emotional adventure. Before the trip, the visitors are given safety instructions. Next, the visitors are taken on a ride through a snowy fairy tale forest, which borders the national pride – Gauja National Park. The most extreme holidaymakers might want to enjoy skijoring – a person on skis is pulled by a snowmobile.

Even in summer, this sports and leisure complex offers extreme sports, such as quad bike rental and speedboat rides. A visit to the sports complex “Līčkalni” must be booked in advance.

Horse skijoring

Not far from Ādaži is the tourist place “Adventure ride”, which offers to get to know Latvia on horseback. In winter, a unique experience is offered – one can put the skis on and be pulled by a horse! The skier holds on to a rope and is pulled on the snow or ice. Some great sensations and adrenaline are guaranteed. Special equipment and professional supervision are provided here to make the trip safe and bring pleasant emotions. It should be noted that skijoring rides take place when the air temperature is between 0 and -11, so you should contact the stable before the intended ride. 

Vagoniņš virs Gaujas

Active recreation in Latvia in other seasons


If you go to Latgale in the summer, stop at Jēkabpils Wake Park! The wake park is located on a blue flag beach in the Radži Reservoir with 8 islands. Here you can learn or improve your wakeboarding skills, or go on a trip with SUP boards, water skis or boats. Before going there, please make sure that the wake park is open to visitors.

Quad bike ride 

Located 45 kilometers from Riga, the recreation complex “Green Road Trips” in Vecumnieki offers breath-taking quad bike rides. It is up to the visitor, whether to go on a solo ride or together with a friend. “Green Road Trips” offer a variety of trips from two to two and a half hours, showing as many different roads and landscapes as possible.

It is also possible to organize a unique and specially adapted extreme adventure for a larger company. Contact the administration of the recreation complex to inquire about the options.


See the Latvian landscape from another point of view – go on a paraglider flight! The sports club “Ultra” in Daugavpils invites you to fly in tandem. The flight will take place at an altitude of 500–700 meters, and it will take an average of 7–10 minutes, depending on the weather. Dress warm (it is always a little cooler in the air than on the ground) and wear comfortable shoes. Flights take place in all seasons except winter.

Depending on the weather, the landscape is also changing – the whole city and its surroundings, including Belarus and Lithuania, will open up in clear weather. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience!


The feeling of emerging from the water like a rocket – does it sound compelling? Then we recommend flyboarding. The flyboard can rise up to 12 meters high, guaranteeing feelings you have never felt before; and this is definitely a moment worth capturing in photos!

First of all, the instructor will introduce the safety rules and hand out the necessary equipment – a life jacket, a wetsuit and boots. The flyboard is powered by a jet ski, so the instructor will always be close by to make the adventure safe. No special training is required, just an adventurous spirit!

Surfing and windsurfing in Pāvilosta

Yes, you can also catch waves and surf in Latvia! The surf club “Spinout” operates in Pāvilosta, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and it brings together both experienced water sports lovers and beginners. Rent surfboards, SUP boards, windsurfing equipment, or enjoy training classes under the supervision of experienced instructors.

This surf club also organizes various competitions and events for young and old. Make a call to inquire about the availability of the club before visiting it. 

Rope courses in trees

This is an opportunity to test yourself physically – mastering the challenging rope courses in-between trees. “Sajūtu parks” in Valmiera offers the opportunity to go on a 1.5-kilometer-long challenge, 5–11 meters above ground, with four zip line rides across the river! This adventure is safe because the track is equipped with a safety system along its entire length.

“Sajūtu parks” is located in a picturesque place on the steep banks of the Gauja, so this will not only be full of adrenaline but also a very visually enjoyable adventure. 

Bungee jumping and “Zērglis” in Sigulda

Lovers of the extreme can test their courage by bungee jumping. The cable car stops right in the middle of the River Gauja, which takes bungee jumping to a new level in terms of extreme feelings. “Zērglis” is the first and currently the only attraction in the world, where the zipline ride takes place on a cable car track. Admire the beauty of the Gauja River valley, racing towards the horizon with a speed of up to 60 km/h. 

Zērglis Siguldā

Even if you have come to Latvia to enjoy a peaceful holiday, it is possible that one of these adrenaline-filled adventures will appeal to you! 

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