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Autumn in Latvia

With around 50% of Latvia covered in forests, there’s no shortage of nature spots to visit for a spot of leaf peeping or foraging. Prefer to spend time indoors? See what’s on the menu at Latvia’s restaurants and coffee shops this season, or make your own souvenir to remember!

Our list of suggested autumn activities will set you on the right path to enjoying some of the cooler months of the year in the Baltics.

#1 Strike a pose

No Latvian social media account is complete without a photo of "zelta rudens" or the golden autumn when all roads lead to Gauja National Park and particularly Turaida Museum Reserve. The museum’s castle tower is known for boasting spectacular views over the ancient Gauja River Valley. Make like a local and create your own photo shoot in a pile of golden leaves!

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Restaurants autumn

#2 Taste autumn

Quince, venison and porcini take centre stage in contemporary Latvian menus in autumn.

The quince is colloquially known as the "lemon of the north", and venison and porcini are wild food staples. Enjoy these flavours at Latvia’s finest restaurants or during Riga Restaurant Week from 8th to 14th October, 2018.

If you fancy cooking your own feast, pick up ingredients at Riga Central Market or during the Miķeļdiena (autumn exuinox) Fair on 29rd September, 2018.


Pick mushrooms

#3 Pick mushrooms

Don’t be surprised to see cars parked on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in Latvia. In autumn, Latvians venture into the woods armed with baskets or buckets to pick mushrooms which are cooked in sauce, dried or frozen for the winter. Chanterelles and porcini are among the most prized mushrooms in Latvia.

Pack a pair of wellies and a guide to mushrooming and find your own dinner! If you don’t have a car, hop on a train or bus to a nearby forest.


Bread Latvia

#4 Bake a loaf of bread

Latvians treasure bread, it’s a true staple of our diet. Rye and sourdough are considered the more traditional types of bread and a number of bakeries and farms like Lāči and Donas Country House offer visitors the chance to bake their own loaf. Latvia is also proud to be home to the only bread museum in the Baltics – Aglona Bread Museum.


Bog in autumn

#5 Hike the Great Ķemeri Bog Boardwalk

3,4 km might not seem like a vast distance but it will take you a while to complete the hike since you’re bound to stop and stare along the way.

Ķemeri Bog is beautiful all year round so visit again in winter, spring and summer!


Riga in autumn

#6 Roam the parks of Riga

Pumpkin spice lattes have landed in Latvia so grab a takeaway coffee and soak up on the autumn vibes in Riga’s famous parks surrounding the city canal. Alternatively, hop on one of the boats for a sightseeing tour of the canal and Daugava River.


Karosta in autumn

#7 Explore Karosta

One of the prime attractions in Liepāja, Latvia’s third largest city, is the series of abandoned forts lining the shores of the Baltic Sea in the Karosta area. Waves crash agains them creating truly epic scenes. Explore at your own leisure or with a guide to find out secrets of the past.

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