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Latvian cities and the countryside can easily be visited by bicycle – you can go wherever you want, stop when and where you wish. Moreover, when going by bicycle, landscapes and sightseeing places can be seen better than when hurrying by car. You can reach every place when going by bicycle – suddenly notice magnificent castle, travel along the sea, a nature path or old city centres.

Green Railways in Latvia

There are 5 greenway lines that are part of the Green Railways network. Green Railways are the greenways network in Northern Latvia and Southern Estonia, which passes through the picturesque landscapes and forests, and can be used by cyclists, hikers, horse riding, and skiing during the wintertime.

The trails run mostly on gravel and forest roads.

Green railways trail and connection routes are signposted.


EuroVelo 13

EuroVelo 13 or Iron Curtain Trail crosses 20 European countries from Norwegian town Kirkenes up to the border of Bulgaria and Turkey at the Black Sea.

This trail in total of 10400 km marks the symbolic border between East and West, as Europe was divided for more than half a century during the Cold War. It reminds the times when here was a strictly guarded outer Western border of the USSR where free movement without permits was not thinkable.

The Latvian span of the trail is 562 km long, it leads along the seaside from Estonia up to the Lithuanian border or vice versa. The tracks for cyclists and pedestrians are available in the total length of about 100 km.

The roads of various surfacing, traffic intensity and ability to ride are interchanging here.

The route is flat, without steep ascents, however, the infrastructure of bike traffic is the most developed in the territories of the sea-coast cities – Liepaja, Ventspils, Jurmala, Riga, Saulkrasti and Salacgrīva.

By crossing the sections of Northen Vidzeme biosphere reserves, Ķemeri and Slītere National parks, Engure and Pape country parks, and Grīņi reserve, one has to take into account sand and gravel road spans.

The trail is rich in units of military heritage as well as other interesting objects. In Kurzeme do not miss the visitation of USSR army ex-military radio-telescope in Irbene, where now Ventspils Radio astronomy centre is operating, as well as do visit Liepāja Karosta – a unique military and fortification building complex. The trail is easy to continue both in Lithuania and Estonia because the crossing of borders is unnoticeable and appropriate marking signs are set up.



To better plan your trip around Latvia you can use our Cycling map. It includes not only EuroVelo 13 and 10, but also Greenways, National and Regional Cycle Routes.


Visit Latvia and explore it by bycicle!

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