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Combine work with recreation – work anywhere in Latvia

Exciting, different and inspiring – Latvia is exactly what you are! A time has come, when many professions do not require a physical workspace. All you require for work is a computer, a stable internet connection and motivation. As a result workation type of travel is becoming more and more popular, which is about combining work and vacation. Digital nomads are becoming more and more common – these are professionals, who make a living working online but physically can be located wherever they desire.

This is the new normal. And Latvia is the perfect destination for it – here you will find the busy city life and the peace of nature. If you are looking for ways to combine traveling and working in Latvia, this article is for you.

When visiting Latvia, you will be able to get acquainted with the course of life and the rhythm of day of the locals. The small, but very hospitable country welcomes guests as its own people. It is a country, where both the urban energy and the peace of nature is one step away.

Cilvēki kafejnīcā

Conditions suitable for work

Today, the most important thing you require to do your job properly is definitely an internet connection. And you will not have to worry about this in Latvia! Latvia’s home internet us up there with the fastest in Europe, and it has stable and very fast mobile internet, too. In addition, Wi-Fi is available in cafés and restaurants, as well as in recreation areas and hotels.

What does this mean for digital nomads? The possibility to work from anywhere!

You can spend the first part of the day enjoying coffee and breakfast in one of the cafes in Riga, and take a walk during the lunch break, getting to know the city, then continue working from where you are staying, and in the evening enjoy everything that the city has to offer. If you are looking for a creative environment for work in a more office-like environment, there are several co-creation spaces available in Riga (and also outside Riga), such as Teikums, Darba Vieta, CoworkingRiga and others.

Although escaping from the urban environment to rural areas is often associated with “digital detox” and a kind of escape from communication, it may also be used differently. The majority of guest houses in the further corners of Latvia also provide stable internet connection, so that everyone can connect to the work environment if required. Whatever the specifics of your job or industry you work for is, you can be sure of the technical support and various opportunities required to perform your job responsibilities, both in Riga and throughout Latvia.

Meži no augšas

An environment suitable for recreation

The biggest advantage of small countries – everything is just a step away. Even the capital Riga can be explored on foot, the nearest cities are located within a short drive, and you can get out into nature within 30 minutes. Accessibility is extremely important when travelling, especially when it is not possible to spend the entire day travelling to other locations and exploring a destination. Latvia is the perfect destination for both short day and weekend trips. You can even spend your free evening in another city!

If you choose Riga as the destination for your trip, combining it with work, you can be sure that almost everything will be at your fingertips. And if work duties have to be taken along, there are several great cities in Latvia that tourists choose as destinations for leisure or travelling. The closest of such cities to Riga are definitely Jūrmala, Sigulda, Saulkrasti and Kuldīga. These cities are located within a short drive from the capital – each with its own special history, entertainment options and leisure facilities. Jūrmala is the most famous resort town in Latvia, which offers everyone the proximity of the sea, as well as various restaurants and SPAs. Saulkrasti is also a city located by the sea, but a different kind of magic can be enjoyed there – fewer crowds and more nature. In Saulkrasti you will also find several nature trails that wind along the sea and through the forest. Sigulda is called the Switzerland of Latvia, and there is a reason for it – the city is located near Gauja National Park, which is one of the most impressive nature attractions in Latvia. The hilly environment and the rich cultural life in Sigulda allow you to enjoy active recreation, attend concerts and taste the Latvian flavours in restaurants and cafes. A true charm of a small town with a special historical atmosphere can be enjoyed in Kuldīga – a city that is especially romantic. Cobbled streets, bridges, the proximity to the Venta Rapid, design accommodations and cosy cafes are what make Kuldīga special and worth a visit.

If cities are not what you seek for leisure, it is always possible to reach the heart of nature within a 20-30 minute drive from Riga. Whether it is a wild forest, nature trail, sea or lake – all these sites are a step away from Riga. And nature can also be enjoyed in various ways – by choosing well-considered and well-maintained nature trails or by going on an adventure and being the planner yourself.

Cilvēks šūpuļtīklā

The convenience of living

A place to stay, especially when combining travel with work, is very important. It will be a place where you will not only store your belongings and spend the night, but also spend more time, possibly several full working days. Also, in this respect, Riga and all of Latvia offers wide opportunities for every taste, both for short and long-term stays. The easiest way to find a place to stay is through the most popular accommodation search services – Booking and Airbnb. These search sites highlight the availability of Wi-Fi internet and other nuances that may be important when combining work with travel. If staying in Riga, you can find modern apartments in the heart of Riga, romantic apartments in the quiet centre, and more non-traditional accommodation in all districts of Riga.

Nothing can charge your energy like nature, and there is no better feeling than switching off the computer at the end of the working day and stepping out into nature right away. If this is what you are looking for, we recommend looking for accommodation that is specially designed to provide proximity to nature.  Not far from Tukums, it is possible to stay in an oasis of peace with a winery, flock of sheep and vines at Mazburki Farm. The small houses welcome both guests and their four-legged friends. A special adventure and staying as close to nature as possible is offered by Nepieradinātās naktsmājas. These are unique experiments with multiple accommodation options that provide their visitors with a different experience. The Mirror House above the River Amata or the Floating Island in the picturesque Lake Mordanga are located especially close to nature. If you are a true fan of water, it is definitely worth enjoying the Baltic Sea and planning to spend at least a day in Pāvilosta staying at Peldmāja. This accommodation embodies life on the water – it allows you to enjoy the city in the palm of your hand, as well as to be close to the sea in the city, where almost all water sports activities are available – windsurfing, surfing, paddle-boarding, swimming or just peaceful recreation.


Whatever your goal is – to work more or to relax more – Latvia is the right place to find truly good solutions for it. The business of the city and leisurely peace or closeness to nature – you will find it all in the small, but rich Latvia!

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