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Drink tasting

Micro-breweries and wineries have flourished in Latvia, surprising gourmets&gourmands with a large number of variety beers, wine made from Latvian fruit and berries, and strong drinks. Did you know that wine in Latvia is made also from birch sap, rhubarb and dandelions?


Latvia has centuries-old brewing traditions and in past years, a number of beer devotees have also taken up this skill, therefore various different beers are currently being made. Go and explore the breweries!

Breweries in Riga

Explore the Riga Beer District which is a terrific new initiative that showcases the craft beer scene in Riga. The district is just over 1.5km from the old town and it covers a 2.5km route with 10 stops and the opportunity to taste over 100 varieties of Latvian craft beer.

Aldaris brewery

Aldaris Brewery, a major operation, is an opportunity to get acquainted with a large-scale brewing process, hearing the story of Latvia’s only beer sommelier, in conclusion, taste-testing select beers.

Breweries in regions

Valmiermuiža brewery

Valmiermuizas Alus Brewery, just outside Valmiera, welcomes you to enjoy the hospitality of the owners, different kinds of beer and also its "beer brandy"- Degalus. If you do not wish to travel countryside, check out Riga’s Valmiermuizas Vestnieciba (Valmiermuiza Embassy) that offers its own products, but not only.

Now firmly on the Latvian beer map after starting small as a regional brew, Uzavas Alus Daritava on Latvia’s west coast offers guided tour about the brewing process and free sampling of Uzavas Tumsais dark beer and Uzavas Gaisais light beer.


Wine in small family wineries is made of local fruit and berries – apples, chokeberries, black currant, rhubarb, quince, raspberries, rowans… You can also find wine made of Latvian-grown grapes.

Kalnciems street fair

If you do not desire to venture outside Riga for wine tasting, you can do it at Kalnciems Quarter and restaurants serving Latvian food.

Abava winery

Landlords at Abava Winery in summertime take guests on a tour of their vineyards, outline the art of wine-making and present the season’s wines and strong beverages.

Wine tasting is possible in the mini-winery Durbes Veltes, the plant also offers unusual options, like wine made from dandelions.

Līgatne winery

Ligatne Winery invites you to sample its products in a cozy and romantic setting, a sandstone cave – a cellar built in Lustuzis Ridge.

Winemaker at Zilver will take you on a tour of his plant and treat you to some wine and something stronger – distilled apple wine. You can be lucky and have a sip of something special – cloudberry, lilac or dandelion wine made in limited edition.

In the cellar of Liberts’ Birch Sap and Wine, the owner will tell stories, and give you the chance to sample everything made from birch sap, including wine and strong beverages.

You can taste wine made of Sabile’s grapes at Drubazas Winery. Sabile Wine Hill was once included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most northerly vineyard in the world. This year, the title has gone to Norway.

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