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In Latvia we can be proud of excellent product quality and talented chefs and bartenders. It is not for nothing that Riga has become a popular destination for gourmet holidays and its restaurant weeks in the spring and autumn have become an eagerly awaited event.

The offer of places to enjoy food and drinks is becoming more and more interesting elsewhere in Latvia as well. Enjoy a holiday breakfast, a festive brunch or lunch, a romantic dinner, or a cocktail in no hurry!

In this section you will find recommendations for places to enjoy taste adventures in Riga and the regions of Latvia!

Restorāns Osta Rīgā
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Restaurants in Riga worth visiting

A visit to the restaurant is a whole adventure - from special flavours and aromas to interiors designed to the finest detail and friendly...
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Beautiful places to enjoy a cocktail in Riga and near it

A refreshing cocktail in good company is a great way to celebrate a holiday or the arrival of a weekend. Although cocktails can be...
Kafijas grauzdētavas/ Coffee roasteries in Latvia
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Holiday destinations for coffee lovers

Coffee culture in Latvia is constantly evolving – the opening of various roasteries contributes to the understanding and knowledge of...
Brokastu šķīvis/ Breakfast
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Places to have breakfast in Riga

What is a recipe for a great day? Start it with a rich, delicious breakfast in a great atmosphere! We will guide you through cosy cafes in...
Ēdiens/ food in vegan cafes
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Vegan friendly cafes in Riga

You don’t have to be vegan to opt for a vegan meal. It is an opportunity for everyone to try new dishes and enjoy new tastes! We have made...
Tālavas sidrs
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Visit breweries and cider houses

When traveling around Latvia, we recommend enjoying it with all your senses – not only to see and get to know the beauty of smaller and...
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10 hipster spots outside of Riga

It’s no secret that over the last 10 years, Riga has flourished with trendy cafés, culture spaces and bars rivalling those found in other...
Latvian cuisines
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The Flavours of Latvia

Enjoying local flavours is an important part of travelling. Often certain dishes and even the entire cuisine are matched to a specific...
Gastrotūrisms Latvijā
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Gastronomic tourism in Latvia

When you think of “gastronomic tourism”, Latvia isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, but if you dig a little deeper, there...
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