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Holidays with dog

Life without our four-legged friends would definitely be more mundane - we would have to come up with actual, real reasons to go for walks, we'd have to use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, and arriving home from work would be so much more duller without always having someone that's excited to see you.

Just like us, our pets, too, deserve some R&R from the daily hustle-and-bustle. That's why we've prepared a short list of places and objects in Latvia that your dog would be happy to visit.

The best part? All of these places can be explored in 3 days time. Let's get rolling!

Restaurant “Andalūzijas Suns” in Riga

Every experienced traveller knows that before going on a trip, it's important to have a nice meal beforehand. The restaurant “Andalūzijas suns” will be a treat for both foodies and casual eaters, but we would really like to highlight the special menu for dogs, which contains hamburgers and a selection of fresh veggies.


Recreational park “Mežaparks”

For a healthy leg or nose excercise, Mežaparks is the right place to go.

It's one of the few forest parks in Riga, which means that your furry friend will have lots of interesting smells to keep themselves busy with. This park has plenty of other options for recreation besides just walking, starting from physical activities to a relaxing picnic.


Art gallery “Istaba"

An art gallery, restaurant and a design shop - the gallery “Istaba”, located in the center of Riga, has all three. We're not sure whether dogs can appreciate art, but it's clear that “Istaba” appreciates dogs! Besides, who knows - maybe Spot has what it takes to become an art critic? 


Mangaļsala pier

Mangaļsala is the first part of Riga that all of the ships see, when entering the river Daugava. It's also impossible to miss the 2 kilometer long pier - if the waves aren't too big and your dog loves a nice run, this would be the perfect stop. Besides, at the end of the pier is a lighthouse, which could be a backdrop to an artistic Instagram post!


Two Black Cabins & Camping “Ezīša midziņa”

Don't waste your weekend vacation by staying just in the city! “Two Black Cabins”, located 45 kilometers from Riga, are just that - two black cabins - but each with its own unique charm. Peace and quiet are permanent guests here and we're sure that your four-legged companion would appreciate the vast and scenic landscape which surrounds both cabins.

But, if you'd like to take a drive in a different direction, a good alternative is “Ezīša midziņa” camping located towards the city of Ogre. It offers a sophisticated take on camping, taking care of everything, starting from catering options to even active recreation, such as paddleboarding or row boating.


Dikļu palace

If your pet is into royal entertainment, then this magnificent 18th century manor complex, featuring a vast park that's 20 hectares in size, will undoubtedly grant a majestic touch to your weekend. The complex features a museum and a restaurant as well so connoisseurs of history, culture and art will find plenty to do around here. And, of course, their masters will, too.


Burtnieki dog park

Enjoying culture is nice and all, but there are times when you just need to run and really clear your head - especially, if you're a dog. The recently unveiled Burtnieki dog park is full of various obstacles which will provide your dog the exercise they need. The park is 0.3 hectares big, so there will be plenty of space for everyone!


Turaida museum reserve

Possibly one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Latvia. But has your dog been there as well? The reserve, that's about 44 hectares large, contains over 40 both indoor and outdoor expositions, so your canine companion will have loads of things to sniff.


“Lazdukalni” dendrological park in Ogre

This vast park is rich with diverse trees and ornamental plants, which are more than 7000 in total. To us, this sounds like every dog's dream. In this park, your furry friend will be free to run to their heart's desire, as well as discover new and interesting smells. Seems like the perfect way to end the weekend before returning to the city!

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