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Come eye to eye with wilderness in all its splendour and magnificence, learn about the life and habits of forest animals, enjoy time away from the city and the everyday hustle and bustle, be patient and wily – that’s hunting!

For those who like hunting, Latvia offers a lot of excitement: many of foreign visitors have acknowledged this, amazed by the vast expanses of pristine Latvian wilderness and hunting opportunities.

Latvian nature indeed offers great diversity of game animals from predators and large forest animals to water birds. Meanwhile, if you wish to save the animals and enjoy nature, Latvia is a perfect place for bloodless photo hunting.

Quality trophies

There are great opportunities in Latvia to go solo hunting, group hunting involving beaters, hunting from specialised hunting towers or bird shooting. Hunters from Scandinavia are especially frequent visitors to Latvia, but hunting enthusiasts from other countries also come to Latvia, fascinated by the untouched nature and the variety of game. A skilful hunter can bag some impressive trophies in Latvia as well: wild boar tusks, red deer antlers, elk antlers, lynx furs.

Hunting formalities

Visitors from abroad are allowed to hunt on the territory of Latvia if they have  hunting authorisation issued by a relevant authority in their country of residence and when they have received a foreign hunter’s permit for hunting in Latvia from the State Forest Service and a hunter’s seasonal card. Such persons may use hunting firearms for hunting if authorised by the State Police. Hunts in Latvia only take place within a hunting sector  according to a hunting sector schedule approved by the State Forest Service; hunting for restricted game requires a hunting permit and a hunter’s seasonal card, while hunting for unrestricted game only requires a hunter’s seasonal card. Game birds that are hunted on public bodies of water and tow zones, as well as American mink and raccoon dogs may be hunted without approval.

Hunting opportunities

Hunting expeditions for visitors to Latvia are organised by a number of guest houses and recreational facilities. For example a large variety of hunts is offered by the joint stock company Latvian State Forests, the Latvian Safari Club, or adventure brokers Res Tuta. You are also encouraged to enquire about hunting possibilities in Latvia at the regional Tourist Information Centres.

In Latvia, hunting is also possible in private hunting parks. There are more than 40 deer parks in the country where red deer, stags, mouflon, fallow deer and other animals may be hunted. The nearest one to Riga is Saulstari in More, Sigulda municipality, whereas the largest one is Viesakas in the Madona region.

The Münchhausen Hunting Festival is a popular event among Latvian hunters and has been a summer tradition for over a decade now. Hunters from all over Latvia and abroad congregate to have a good time and share experiences, offer boastful hunters’ tales, participate in entertainment and contests.

What can you hunt in Latvia?

  • Wolves (season: July 15 to March 31)
  • Beavers (August 1 to April 30)
  • Red deercalves and hinds (August 15 to December 31)
  • Red deerstags (September 1 to January 31)
  • Roe deer males (June 1 to November 30)
  • Roe deer fawns and females (August 15 to November 30)
  • Elk (September 1 to December 15)
  • Hares (October 1 to January 31)
  • Pine marten (October 1 to March 31)
  • Beech marten (October 1 to March 31)
  • Polecats (October 1 to March 31)
  • Muskrats (October 1 to March 31)
  • Badgers (October 1 to December 31)
  • Lynx (December 1 to March 31)
  • Wild boar (year-round)
  • Fox (year-round)
  • American mink (year-round)
  • Raccoon dogs (year-round)


  • Pheasant (August 1 to March 31)
  • Woodcock (August 1 to November 15)
  • Ducks (August 8 to November 15)
  • Capercaillie (April 10 to May 10)
  • Black grouse (September 1 to October 31)
  • Rackelhahn (September 1 to October 31)
  • Hazel grouse (September 1 to January 31)
  • Geese (September 15 to November 15)
  • Crow (June 15 to April 30)
  • Magpie (June 15 to April 30)
  • Wood pigeon (August 1 to November 15)
  • Domestic pigeon (August 1 to December 31)
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