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The most appropriate and probably the most effective treatment of alcohol abuse can be achieved. This can be carried out when you are away from your usual environment, when there is no risk of bumping into acquaintances or being seen by anyone where this might cause you embarrassment. Latvia has some of the best well-qualified narcologists, and clinics offer alcohol abuse treatment methods that provide responsive and professional support.

The Drug Rehabilitation department of ARS Medical provides twenty-four hour-a-day narcology services: cleansing your body of alcohol, reducing your proclivity for its intake, sleep restoration, an improvement of the function of your body’s other organs, and a reduction in the signs of alcohol poisoning. Once you have received this help, you can continue with outpatient treatment, during which a narcology professional will analyse the health condition of every patient and determine a course of psychotherapy and medicinal treatment.

The treatment history of the Riga Centre of Psychology and Narcology, which is a specialised health care facility that is rich in tradition, started in 1786, during the rule of Russian Czar Alexander I, and provides help in the following cases: with the treatment of acute intoxication and heavy alcohol abstinence, providing motivation for alcohol abusers, detoxification and motivation for teenagers, the Minnesota program, and the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

The Union Clinic carries out one or more days of detoxification. Treatment services start with a certified narcologist consultation, which will help in finding an appropriate method of treatment. Methods include the use of special agents to wash out alcohol from your body and to remove the alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and help in the case of sleep disorders is also provided. It is also possible to implant Disulfiram (s.c. ampoules) and coding against alcohol using Solafur.

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