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Nature trails

Latvia is a great destination, if you would like to enjoy forests, rivers, swamps and the sea – Latvia is as beautiful as its nature! Therefore the best way to get to know the pristine nature and get on the move is to go hiking. Facilitated nature trails of various lengths are available throughout Latvia, and each of them has something special to offer. After the walk, you definitely have to explore the nearest cities, visit restaurants and cafés and see for yourself how hospitable and diverse Latvia is.

Karjers OgrēOgre Blue Mountains – there is a reason for this name – Dubkalni water basin is surrounded by forest, which is extremely clear and bright blue. Besides the forest, sandy beaches are also located there. Here everyone will find the most suitable route, as the nature park offers different trails: nature diversity trail – 12.9 km, bike trail – 12.4 km, knowledge trail – 12.4 km, dog trail – 4.25 km and horse walking trail – 0.05 km.

Vāvere dabas parkā

In the very heart of Vidzeme – in Gauja National Park – Līgatne Nature Trails are located. There it is possible to enjoy landscapes of pristine nature and see various species of wildlife animals in Latvia. This is one of the most scenic places in Latvia, where you can enjoy both relaxed and active recreation. These trails have a rich history – they were established in 1975 with the goal of introducing the visitors of the park to the nature values of Latvia and the local species of wild plants and animals. If you are visiting Līgatne Nature Trails, keep in mind that an audio guide is also available there. Download the free mobile app “LDT Gids” at Google Play or Apple App Store.

Taka gar ezeru

If you would like to go on a low-intensity walk, one of the best destinations will be Lielezers Nature Trail in Limbaži. The nature trail is only 3.6 kilometers long and it takes about an hour and a half to walk it. In the relatively small territory, it is possible to enjoy the forest, the swamp, the lake and the River Donaviņa, which can be crossed along a wooden bridge. The trail is facilitated with wooden footbridges and gravel paths, and although the trail is open to visitors throughout the year, you will be able to enjoy it the best when there is no snow. In wet weather, some sections of the trail may be more difficult to cross. The trail is adapted for people with reduced mobility and visitors with prams.


One of the most diverse and extensive areas of nature trails is Ķemeri National Park. The goal of this park is to preserve the values of nature, cultural history and culturology, as well as to promote environmental education and tourism. In the territory of 38 165 ha it is possible to enjoy the following nature trails: Great Ķemeri Bog Boardwalk, Lake Sloka Trail, Kaņieris Castle Mound Trail, Bird Watching Tower and Niedrāja Trail, Barefoot Path and Nature Art Trail in Valgums Pasaule, Melnalkšņi Swamp Trail and Forest Trail, as well as Kupskalni Nature Trail.

Taka pie jūras

The sea and the sunset are inseparable. And the people in Saulkrasti know it! This is where the Sunset Trail is located, which winds along one of the most beautiful natural formations in Latvia – the 18-metre-high sand outcrop of the White Dune. The sunset trail is approximately 3.6 kilometers long and stretches along the seashore from the White Dune to the River Pēterupe. While going on a walk along this trail, you can not only enjoy the sea and the pine forest, but also animal sculptures carved from wood and informative materials such as the horn named “Listen to nature”. Do not let the name of the trail mislead you: when visiting it a beautiful walk is guaranteed at any time, not just during the sunset. In addition, the trail is worth a visit not only in summer – in winter there is a cross-country skiing trail available along its length for those who enjoy active recreation.

Purva taka

Lubāns Wetland is a unique natural complex of European and worldwide scale with outstanding importance for the population of many specially protected species and conservation of habitats. In its territory Teirumnīki Bog Trail is located, which is relatively short – 800 metres, but it offers a rich flora to be explored during the walk. The trail consists of bog footbridges, which allows you to reach the very heart of the bog and understand how life is taking place in a part of nature that is otherwise difficult to access. The path of the bog trail is not circular, which means that you can return to the starting point of the trail by walking back along the footbridge or along the forest road that winds on the edge of the bog. When going to Teirumnīki Bog Trail, it is definitely worth planning to also explore Lubāns Wetland!

Zirgs pļavā

A place like no other in Latvia is Nature Park “Lake Engure”. When going for a walk in its territory, you will have to keep your eyes open all the time, as it is one of the richest territories in Latvia, where 187 species of birds nest. Among these are the white-tailed eagle and corn crake, who are endangered worldwide. There are also several bird-watching towers in the park territory right next to the lake. Visitors often choose this destination, as it is a rare experience to walk between horses and cows living in the wild. Once the wildlife has been explored, in the summer it is definitely worth taking a walk along the 3.5-kilometre-long Orchids Trail, where 22 of the 32 species of the orchid family found in Latvia grow.

Ziemas ainava

If you want to enjoy the wildness of pristine nature and feel the presence of history, then Amata Trail will be a suitable destination for it. In this nature trail you can feel the taste of authentic adventure and special closeness to nature. Amata Trail is a geological trail with several Devonian sandstone outcrops on its route – the Green Rock, the Flood Rock, the Old Trunk Rock, the Liverwort Rock, on the opposite bank – the Hawk Rock and the Low Rock. At the end of the trail there is also the impressive 19-meter-high Zvārte Rock located. A 3-kilometer-long trail starts next to Zvārte Rock, which is suitable for families with children, but the entire trail consists of three sections – each of them differs in complexity and the landscapes it offers. The longest section is 12 kilometres long. Amata Trail is especially beautiful, but it is undeniably more challenging during the winter period.

Putnu vērošanas tornis

Horse Island (Zirgu sala) Nature Trail is a great choice for relaxed recreation in nature. The 4-kilometre-long trail consists of wooden footbridges constructed along the bank of the lake, along several viewing platforms in the lake, and along a narrow dam that leads to a bird-watching tower. In separate sections of the trail, facilitated recreation areas have been created, thus Horse Island is perfect for a picnic in nature. Liepāja Lake Footbridge, which leads through the reeds of Lake Liepāja to a bird-watching tower, is also located nearby. There is also a new skating and cycling track in the nature park, which is exactly what is needed. The 1.2-kilometre-long, facilitated track is surrounded by the beauty of the wildlife of Horse Island.

Taka nacionālajā parkā

On the coast of Kurzeme, Slītere National Park is located, where Šlītere Nature Trail is located, which is located near Šlītere Lighthouse. The lighthouse rises 100 meters above sea level. In clear weather, you can see the Sirve Lighthouse tower in Saaremaa (Estonia), as well as Irbene radio-locator plate and Miķeļbāka Lighthouse. The 1.2-kilometer-long trail is home to many specially protected plant and animal species in Latvia and Europe.

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