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Nightlife in Riga

When lights go up in the parks, squares and bridges, and the pulse of the Old Town quickens, nightlife spreads out across the rest of the capital city of Latvia – Riga at night is a recreational metropolis of Europe, with inimitable atmosphere that beckons the guests of the city to come back for more.

Where to party?

Riga is not a small city – it’s just that everything is so close! Forget about long drives (and pricey taxis)! You can still attend several hot party venues in the Old Town all in one night by covering short distances on foot.


  • Some of Riga’s bars are set in former factories, warehouses, music schools and other buildings that were originally built for other purposes. It’s definitely worth checking out Aristīda Briāna Street where several bars and clubs are located, including a craft brewery!

    Likewise, we recommend you visit Kaņepe Culture Centre, Chomsky, and Rasols.

  • Did you know that there is a bar in Riga where you can also have your beard trimmed? Look out for Vest!
  • We have a bar that is housed in one of the most impressive baroque architectural monuments in Riga – Latvia’s 1st Rock Café!
  • You may be happy to know that there are clubs in Riga that are LGBTQ-friendly. Try TOP Club!
  • Spoil yourself and order a Clavis Riga - the city’s special cocktail - at Skyline – the bar are located on the upper floors of the hotel, offering a magnificent view of the city.
  • Put on something special and go to some of the city’s more glamorous clubs. For instance, the Coyote Fly club has a terrace with a view of Vērmanes Park, and First has a terrace with a view of the Daugava!

Should you sense any hunger pangs after the night out, rest assured – even during the night you will easily find a place in Riga that serves chips, kebabs, and burgers. You may want to visit Fontaine Deli Snack, Pica Lulu, Lauvas nams...

Practical information

Nightclubs in Riga cater for ages 18 and up. Likewise, alcoholic beverages are sold to persons age 18 and older.

There is no entrance fee at most clubs and bars, or the fee is largely symbolic.

We want you to bring back good memories of visiting Riga, and therefore strongly recommend you not go to places that look suspicious. Information about such shady venues can be found on embassy websites. Should you encounter any trouble, get in touch with the Tourist Police of the Riga City Council by calling +371 67181818.

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