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Latvia has been accumulating experience in oncological disease research and treatment for over seventy years, which ensures absolutely superb levels of quality in the education of specialists in this area.

Thanks to their qualifications, as well as the modern equipment they have available for use, the methods used, and high level of quality inherent in their examinations, Latvian oncology specialists are some of the best in Europe.

Service providers: 
The main achievement of the Clinic is its team of doctors and medical staff which includes specialists with rich clinical experience and excellent reputation.
The Riga Regional Hospital (Sigulda Hospital) is located in Sigulda, a beautiful nature rich town, just an hour’s drive from Riga.
The first premium-class medical institution in Latvia.
“RSU Nuclear Diagnostics Clinic” is the first and the most experienced medicine centre in Latvia providing a wide range of cancer diagnostics with PET/CT technology. PET/CT imaging allows the early diagnosis of cancer.
GASTRO offers patients comprehensive digestive tract (oesophagus, stomach, gut, bile duct, pancreas, and liver) examinations (check-up).
The Diamed Clinic is a private hospital operating in neurosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopaedics.
We offer high-quality surgery to gynaecological cancer patients, especially in cases of ovarian cancer.
The Sigulda Stereotactic Radiotherapy Centre is a new and modern medical facility that has been created to assist in the fight against cancer, benign tumours and other diseases treatable with radiosurgery or radiation therapy.
The Microsurgery center is one of the leading and largest centers of plastic surgery in the Baltic countries.
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