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Opportunities to participate

Latvia is not only a country rich in tourism objects but also a place providing wide opportunities to participate in various events, craft workshops, festive traditions and cooking activities. As a result, you may be taking home not only pleasant memories of your Latvian experience but also a handmade clay pot or a cake you have baked yourself.

Festive celebrations

Between May and September, most cities and towns in Latvia hold their own annual festivals featuring various events and fairs where you will find the best products from local craftsmen and chefs.

Major fairs traditionally take place in Cathedral Square and Livu Square in Riga ahead of the Midsummer Festival and Christmas. In summer, vendors sell midsummer herbs, sauna whisks and other seasonal accessories, and in winter you will be able to buy warm knitted socks and have a cup of mulled wine.


Want to know how for centuries Latvians have been baking their homemade bread? Try doing it yourself at:

After working hard enough, you will be rewarded with a warm, sweet-smelling loaf of bread made by yourself.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the opportunity to make your special chocolate bar at the Laima Chocolate Museum in downtown Riga! At the chocolate museum in Pure you will be able to make your own chocolate figurine and take it with you as a nice souvenir in a box.

Want to learn the art of cooking? At Malpils Manor you will be able to make a meal together with a local chef and then enjoy it slowly at the manor’s restaurant. But perhaps you want to become a connoisseur of traditional Latvian cuisine? At Usi homestead in Kolka you can learn how to cook sklandrausis, a rye flour pie with carrot and potato filling, which is a specialty of the western Latvian region of Kurzeme.

It is no secret that Latvians are big fans of beer. Learn the age old art of beer making at Aldaris brewery!


Want to know how Latvians lived and worked centuries ago? At the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia try your hand at pottery, wattling and minting. You will be able to take the result of you work home as a souvenir!

Latgale takes pride in its age old pottery traditions. At the Voguls’ Latgalian pottery workshop you will be able to make a cup with your name on it which the master potters will then bake in the largest open-fire kiln in Latvia. In Zemgale, you can develop your skills at the Laima Ceramics workshop in the district of Svitene, Rundale municipality. Learn how to use the potter’s wheel and make a unique bowl, vase or a pitcher.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Daugmale where beekeeper Janis of Daugmale harvests bee honey. On sunny days you will be able to see his 300 beehives, but if the weather is not very nice you will be able to make a wax candle. Make your lucky button at the nearby Pampali pottery workshop!

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