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Places to have breakfast in Riga

What is a recipe for a great day? Start it with a rich, delicious breakfast in a great atmosphere! We will guide you through cosy cafes in Riga where you’ll find special breakfast offers.


If you love sourdough bread, you must visit “Katkevich”, the place to have bread not only on a breakfast plate but also to feel the smell of freshly baked bread in the cosy premises of the cafe. Each visitor of “Katkevich” has the possibility to create his/her own combination of an ideal breakfast based on, for example, scrambled eggs and supplement it with ready-made hummus, pesto or products provided by local farmers.

kafejnīcas iekštelpas


This Place Doesn’t Need A Name

Under this name, you will find two cosy and comfortable cafes in Riga — one in the centre of the city and the other in Old Riga. Starting from 8 am, here you will find both great and rich breakfast options for various tastes and sophisticated breakfast meals and various vegetarian options. Of course, breakfast is unthinkable without also tasty and aromatic coffee.

ēdiens uz šķīvja


Paviljons Ziedoņdārzs

When having a meal, not only what is eaten matters, but also the location and overall atmosphere of the cafe. “Paviljons Ziedoņdārzs” is located in one of the most notable parks of Riga, Ziedoņdārzs. This cafe is called one of the hidden treasures of Riga, and it is true — here you can enjoy a meal while looking at a splendid fountain and park landscape.

brokastu uzkodas



The bakery and breakfast place “Mīkla” invites locals and guests of the city to enjoy the nice atmosphere and the best Latvian products with a true master’s touch while having breakfast. A global experience in combination with exquisite farmers’ ingredients create a truly unforgettable breakfast experience. Here you can enjoy sourdough bread baked on the spot, with ham or in a vegetarian version, salty or sweet breakfast porridge and buns.

kafija ar pienu



Quality and healthy meals, quickly served and aesthetic — this is the cafe “Mr.Fox”! This place in the Silent Centre of Riga stands out with a bright and bold interior, lively colours that resonate with the menu in which you’ll find lots of colourful fruits and vegetables. “Mr. Fox” offers various sandwiches with avocado, salmon, humus, as well as toasts, waffles and pancakes which are also available in gluten-free and vegan versions.brokastu ēdiens uz šķīvja


Innocent Cafe

This cafe was the first to introduce the brunch tradition in Latvia and the first which started to sell the popular “illy” coffee, therefore, it will certainly be a great choice for a lazy breakfast. By following the trends and demand, the breakfast menu of “Innocent Cafe” is currently also adapted and supplemented by many vegetarian and vegan meals so that everyone can find a suitable and desirable morning meal. For takeaway, you’ll find various sandwiches, buns and cakes here.



Miit Coffee

The moto of the cafe's staff — being healthy and joyful is important, and having a big and tasty meal is a law! The offers of "MiiT" are and will not be uniform, as every day the cooks of the cafe create something new and exciting. Here you’ll find omelettes, stuffed sweet and salty pancakes, waffles and various richly-stuffed sandwiches. Also vegans and people who are on a gluten-free diet will certainly find a suitable meal here.

kafejnīcas iekštelpas


Big Bad Bagels

The smell of freshly-baked bagels accompanies a visit to “Big Bad Bagels”, but the most difficult thing here is to choose any of the 20 bagel fillings. Various sauces and fillings are made on the spot and are supplemented by qualitative, carefully selected high-quality products which will delight both meat and fish lovers and vegetarians and vegans.

brokastu virtulis


Madam Brioš

The first “Madam Brioš” cafe was opened in Jurmala where it quickly captured the hearts of the locals and visitors of Jurmala. Now there is also such a cafe in Riga to find excellent buns, cakes and much more.

“Madam Brioš” offers you to enjoy breakfast meals throughout the day by having a classic breakfast — an English or French breakfast plate, eggs prepared in different ways, as well as pancakes.

brokastu šķīvis


Whether you prefer rich and salty or a sweet breakfast, there will be enough options to find what is wanted. Start the day with an encouraging breakfast, cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your day in Riga!

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