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Places in Latvian nature for some rest & relaxation

With over half of Latvia’s territory covered by forests, it should come as no surprise that Latvia has plenty to offer in terms of nature tourism. And, while all of the Latvian museums, bars and other culture hotspots are slowly opening their doors, we’re sure that objects featured on this list will not just serve as temporary substitutes for man-made places of recreation, but rather are worth visiting for their own sake, which will be enjoyed by nature lovers and city dwellers alike.

Let’s dive in!

Akmeņainā Vidzemes pludmale


Nature art gallery

There is a reason that plenty of old masters used nature as a subject for their paintings. That’s because nature is a piece of art in itself. It’s constantly changing, so there are always new details to be found. Take a look at these Latvian natural objects which are so beautiful you could just paint them.


Veczemju Cliffs

These are the most impressive sandstone cliffs on the coast of Vidzeme.

They can reach up to 6 meters in height and are rich with abrasive caves, grottos, niches and other formations which you can discover along for several hundred meters.


Veczemju klintis


Daugavas Loki Nature Park

This ancient valley of Daugava River is among the most ancient geological formations in Latvia. Since ancient times, Daugava has been the most important water trade route, with castles and villages built around it - there are 23 archeological monuments in the park’s territory, so be sure to visit them all!


Sightseeing tour by Latvia’s border

The view is always better from a high vantage point - and Latvia has its fair share of those. Stop by the Latvian-Estonian border and try to catch them all! Of the six towers, three of them are in our side of the woods - Alūksne sightseeing tower, Dēliņkalna sightseeing tower and Kornetu sightseeing tower.


Abava River Valley Nature Park

This part of Latvia is sometimes called The Switzerland of Kurzeme due to its scenery consisting of plains, river valleys and slopes. Here you will find small waterfalls, lush forests, small towns and mysterious caves, so be sure to add Abava River Valley to your trip destination planner.


Venta Rapid

The widest waterfall in all of Europe! This is one of Latvia’s greatest treasures and it’s a sight to behold in all times of the year, although it’s especially spectacular during the warm months, since there’s a large chance you will get to see not only the local swimmers jumping around, but plenty of fish, too.


Other landscape treasures

Naturally, if this list were to feature all of the natural objects that are worth visiting in Latvia, there would be no end to it. If you’d like to explore everything Latvia has to offer in terms of landscapes, take a look at Landscape Treasures, a web page dedicated to landscapes which are considered to be of special worth to Latvia.


Veczemju klintis


Nature's cocktail

Latvian nature offers plenty of refreshments that will not only quench one’s thirst - it will also provide a deeper sensory experience of the unique and deliciously wonderful Latvian wilderness.


Dauda waterfall

The third largest waterfall in Latvia - although we don’t recommend drinking the water from the fall itself, there’s a large chance you will find natural spring water on the way.


Sacred springs

Spring water holds a special significance in Latvian folklore. People say that water from sacred springs doesn’t go stale when kept in bottles even for over a year and that it possesses special healing properties. There are quite a few sacred springs in Latvia, such as Kaļķeju Sacred spring, Ķēvele Royal springs, Rāmkalni spring by the Devil’s Cave in Inčukalns and others.


Tea masterclasses

If you’re more into finer beverages than just water, that’s OK, because Latvia has a rich tea tradition as well. Explore the taste and health benefits of Latvian herbs and grasses with the help of Latvian traditional tea-maker PLŪKT tea masterclasses!


Daudas ūdenskritums


Nature resort

Sure, everyone can stay in a hotel, but it takes dedication and preparation to stay outdoors. But the reward is so worth it - whether it’s an outdoor bath under the starry night, a cozy cabin beside a lake or just camping in the middle of the woods, we’re sure that it’s an experience that will make your stay in Latvia even more memorable.


Glamping places

If you’re one who likes their outdoor experience with a little bit of luxury and comfort, be sure to check out Latvian glamping places, which are scattered throughout all of Latvia. Have you ever stayed in a tent with an indoor fireplace on an isolated island, for example?


Camping in Latvia

Then again, if you’re the traditional sort of camper, be sure to take note that camping is generally allowed in Latvia, unless it is explicitly prohibited, in a private territory or in towns or urban areas. There are also plenty of campgrounds with plenty of commodities, such as Klintis near the beach in Vidzeme.




As you can see, there is quite a collection of natural objects which you can enjoy while staying in the country. Enjoy the beautiful moments and discover new experiences in Latvian nature without overpaying - there’s nothing like some good bonding time spent in nature!

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