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Shopping in Riga

Plan your shopping trip in Riga! Alongside world-renowned brands, you can also experience the flavours of Latvia – find fresh local food in the Riga Central Market, or explore Latvian crafts, design, and fashion in all its diversity in small boutiques.

Fashion and design

The most active shopping takes place in the Old Town, and on Tērbatas and K.Barona streets. They are located within walking distance, allowing you to leisurely walk around the city centre while window-shopping and visiting the most interesting stores.

Recently, local design – fashion and folk design objects – and the boutiques offering them have flourished.

You will find traditional Latvian wooden and glass interior objects and gifts in the Riija shop on Tērbatas Street and in Pienene studio in the Old Town, while Gallery Istaba on K.Barona Street is the right place to look for exciting artist creations.

If you are looking for high-quality paper goods and a unique stationery shop then Manilla will be the right place for you.

Natural goods

Latvians highly value organic food, and because of this stores offering ecological food are becoming more common. Visit the iDille store in Barona Centrs shopping center to try fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as healthy snacks, or go to Zaļā govs on Brīvības Street to find organically grown produce and wines from apples, chokeberries, and sea buckthorn, which are all characteristic to Latvia. Look for natural cosmetics in the stores of Madara Cosmetics – popular Latvian skincare cosmetics brand.


Riga Central Market is one of the largest and most visited markets in Eastern Europe, where, depending on the season, you will find fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, freshly baked Georgian bread, and the most recent catch of the fishermen and delicious smoked fish in the Fish Pavilion.

Riga central market

It is not a typical tourist object, as for many it is the place to do their daily shopping. On the far side of the market, regular Night Markets and daily Farmers’ Markets take place.

The charm of other Riga districts can be experienced by visiting the smaller local markets, the biggest of which is the Āgenskalna Market in Pārdaugava.

Fair at Kalnciems Quarter

Every Saturday, fairs are organized at Kalnciema Quarter, where you can buy unusual local snacks, clothing and accessories, while at the same time soaking in the bohemian atmosphere replenished by live music and cozy cafes.

Shopping centers

The largest shopping centers in Riga:

  • Galerija Centrs in the Old Town;
  • Stockmann in the city center;
  • Akropole in Ķengarags;
  • Alfa in Teika;
  • Spice in Zolitūde;
  • Sky&More in Sarkandaugava.

There you will find brands that are known worldwide, such as H&M, Zara and Debenhams, as well as local brands (e.g. Maya), and other Baltic brands – like Monton and Ivo Nikkolo.

Not far from Riga and near Jurmala you can visit Via Jurmala Outlet Village - the outlet shopping village. More than 60 clothing, footwear and accessories stores, as well as cafes, restaurants, Gastro Market, and a large children's playground are located in the 13,500 m2 open-air area. Via Jurmala Outlet Village is located on the Jurmala highway that connects Riga and the famous resort town Jurmala and is only a 10-minute drive from the International Riga Airport.

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