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Spa and Wellness

Experience the spa rituals characteristic to Latvia. Allow yourself the delight of a pleasant amber massage, soaking in a bath filled with beer, or plunging in an open-air water tub to enjoy the view of the starry sky above.

The various procedures not only help to relax and regain strength, but also to improve your health, since natural remedies are used in the countryside spas of Latvia. Guesthouses and countryside spa centres offer massages using various medicinal plants, whereas in a Latvian sauna you can experience an authentic bath ritual under the care of an experienced professional.

Afterwards, simply give in to the feeling of peace and comfort induced by the spa procedure.

Milk Manor - Berghof spa
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Premium spa services can be enjoyed in Latvia such as the exclusive day spa ESPA Riga in the very heart of the capital city, in a...
Latviešu pirts
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Sauna culture in Latvia

The sauna or bathhouse tradition in Latvia is deeply seated – already in the 19th century there was a bathhouse on every farmstead....
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