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Staying at castles and manors

Latvia is a great destination for exploring castles and manors that have been constructed in different periods. And where could you spend more royal-like holidays, than in these magical places? Choose them as your places to stay! That’s right – in Latvia it is possible to spend the night in a variety of castles and manors. And several of them offer not only accommodation but also active recreation, recharging energy in the SPA or delicious meals in specially created restaurants and pubs.

Each of the castles and manors in Latvia has its own history, its own story and also its own magic. Get to know them and choose your destination!

Virka manor

If you are heading in the direction of Kuldīga, a great place to spend the night is Virka Manor. This manor was constructed as a summer manor, by applying the stylistic examples of Swiss houses in its architecture. This is the only wooden manor in Kuldīga. Throughout the manor and its park, the owners have tried to combine the spirit of antiquity with modern furnishings to ensure that guests can enjoy a rich experience and comfortable stay at the manor. Since 2014, the manor has been granted the status of an architectural monument of local significance. If you choose Virka Manor as your accommodation, you will be able to enjoy one of the 22 design rooms available in different spaces and designs. This will be a great destination for a lazy weekend, as Virka Manor is located just 155 km from Riga.


Heading into nature, walking in flowering meadows, lying in piles of fragrant hay – for many of us these are the fondest memories of our childhood. Milk Manor Berghof invites you to enjoy these sensations. Why exactly milk? Because there are only a few things in the world as simple and clean as milk, but at the same time so comprehensive and important. Milk is the symbol of strength, health and prosperity. It leads to nature; to true and actual values. In the manor, it is not only possible to spend the night in one of the cozy and elegant rooms, but also to engage in a wide range of leisure activities. After walks in nature and a visit to the dairy museum, you can enjoy a tennis game at the manor’s courts, and it is definitely worth pampering yourself in the manor’s SPA complex with a massage or a bath, after which you can also relax at the Rose Tavern. Milk Manor Berghof is not just a place to spend the night – it is a place to visit, to stay, and to spend time.

Liepupe manor

Staying at Liepupe Manor will be a special event for all those architecture fans out there. The manor house was built in 1751 and is one of the best-preserved baroque manors in Vidzeme. The author of its architectural solution was Johan Andreas Haberland, a bricklayer from Riga, but the current owners of the manor have set the preservation of historical evidence as their main goal. Liepupe Manor, of course, is much more than just an architecture site – it is a place to enjoy time with your loved ones. Go on leisurely walks in the manor park, read a book in the hammock, paint or go on a trip on the “Ērenpreiss” bicycles made in Latvia. Afterward, enjoy a meal at the manor restaurant and then head for the SPA treatments. Liepupe Manor will provide a truly royal rest.


Dikļi Castle is not only an impressive building rich in its history, but also in the experience it offers. The first evidence of the castle dates back to the 15th century, but the current building was constructed in 1896, when it was ruled by Baron Paul von Wolff, creating an expressive neo-baroque building. Currently, the castle is managed by collector Egons Mednis, who invites every visitor to enjoy the collections of paintings, fireplaces and furniture located in the castle premises. The nights can be spent in royal suites, while meals can be enjoyed at the castle restaurant. At the award-winning restaurant, modern interpretations of Vidzeme countryside treasures are served on the table – pumpkins and apples ripened in the neighborhood, rabbits and meadow lambs bred by caring owners, fish caught right in the castle pond or in the nearby lake. And you can relax both your body and your soul in the Nature SPA Complex, which offers massages, saunas and a swimming pool.


If charm appeals to you more than luxury, then the residence of creativity or Abgunste Manor will be the best place for relaxation or spending the night. The building is a treasure that has been hidden for decades with stories hundreds of years old and power stored for thousands of years. According to its owners, it is a place of truth and creativity, where one can restore feelings never experienced before. The manor offers several facilitated apartments for overnight stays. The manor has been undergoing restoration work since 2016 and its cultural layer can be felt at every step – in the structures, the exposed walls and the antique furniture. Abgunste Manor is more than just accommodation – it hosts art symposia, creative camps and a celebration of life!

Jaunmoku castle

One of the most luxurious castles in Latvia is Jaunmoku Castle. At first glance it is evident that the architecture of the castle is a true masterpiece – its structure combines the neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau style. The building, which was constructed in 1901, served as the hunting lodge for George Armitstead, the mayor of Riga at the time. At present, the castle is equipped for the needs of its visitors. It is not only possible to spend the night in luxurious rooms, but also to relax and recharge your energy. Jaunmoku Castle is a true oasis of peace and romance. It offers its visitors educational activities and excursions in the castle museum and park, as well as a delicious meal in the restaurant. 


Not far from Jaunmoku Castle and Tukums another magical place is located – Šlokenbeka Manor, built in ancient 1484. During its long history, the manor has experienced different times and different owners, but nevertheless, it is one of the few examples of a fortified medieval manor in the Baltics and the only one that has survived to this day in Latvia. Currently, the manor has been renovated and it can be visited in guided tours; the delicious food of the manor can be enjoyed there, fruit and flower wines made in Kurzeme can be tasted there, as well as holidays can be celebrated, spending the night in one of the 15 rooms of the hotel. Unlike other buildings that are more luxurious, in Šlokenbeka Manor you can capture the historic features of the building itself, as the manor hotel is an economy class hotel. Its interior and design have been inspired by companies and organizations related to road construction and maintenance, which have managed the manor for many years.


Those who seek some silence, peace and harmony must visit Gārsene Castle. This castle is the heritage of the family of Baron von Budberg and was constructed in the neo-Gothic style by Baron von Budberg from 1856 to 1860. The architect of the castle is unknown, but there is evidence that it was constructed according to a villa located in Germany. It is possible to stay at Gārsene Castle at very beneficial prices, and it offers an opportunity to spend the night in a castle, even if you are going on a budget trip. It is possible to learn about the history of the castle itself on guided tours, as well as to go for walks along the nature trails that wind through the picturesque ancient valley of the River Dienvidsusēja.

Mālpils manor

Mālpils Manor offers everything you could wish for during a modern, and at the same time, royal holiday. The manor hosts a luxury design hotel and offers one of the best restaurants in Latvia. The range of activities in the manor is adapted for families with children, couples looking for a romantic break from everyday life and anyone looking for some peace and quiet. Staying at the manor can be combined with walks in the park, a bike ride, massage, excursion or a boat ride in the manor pond.


Blankenfelde Manor is located on Zemgale Plain – it is a place where the past meets the present and is experiencing its rebirth. This is the right place to enjoy the peace and charm of the countryside. The manor is a cultural monument of national significance with many centuries of history. The renovated manor park includes a modern children’s playground, and its hotel rooms are located in the renovated stable building. You can stay in them, enjoy the atmosphere of the manor, peaceful rest, and on the next morning – a delicious breakfast.

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