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Surreal drone photos of Latvia

Be inspired and view some of Latvia's locations and landscapes from a new perspective together with the photographer, drone pilot Valdis Skudre.

"If in the past it seemed unthinkable to freely take shots from above, now the drone is in almost every photographer's technique list. The pictures from above no longer seem to be exclusive and it is very hard to be stand out in this sea of pictures. But the pictures taken in the drone inception technique will always make people stop and look at it twice, "Valdis said.

Rundale Palace and Museum

Rundāles pils droneinception

The Rundāle Palace ensemble is the most outstanding monument of Baroque and Rococo architecture in Latvia, and its magnificent garden from above looks even more impressive. When taking pictures of Rundāle, the biggest challenge for Valdis was fitting in one photograph the large garden and the comparably small palace.


Riga Central Market

Rīgas Centrāltirgus

Riga Central Market is definitely a stopping point for those who want to feel the taste of Latvia or prepare a meal from fresh produce.

An undeniably iconic location that has retained its unique charm to present day. The tunnel hangars, which serve as market pavilions, look different from the above but indisputably impressive.


Forest Road

Latvia is rich in bogs and forests, and several hour long trip is not necessary to get to nature.

Valdis acknowledges – rarely someone guesses that this is the Biķernieki Forest - one of the forests in Riga where many city dwellers go to spend their leisure time, running, walking and enjoying fresh air. However, for those who want to get to know the Latvian nature beyond Riga, we recommend one of Latvia's nature parks.


Daugavpils Fortress

Daugavpils cietoksnis

The Daugavpils Fortress is a historic site and its presentation as a contemporary tourism object as well is a major challenge. Therefore, Valdis believes that drone inception technique is a great way to show the fortress from a more modern angle.

The Mark Rothko's Art Centre has found its home in the artillery arsenal building of the Fortress, where history now goes hand in hand with contemporary art.


Yacht marina in Ķīpsala

A photo with a yacht marina in Ķīpsala was created during the Moonsund regatta, when almost 150 yachts were gathered in Riga. If you are going to the Ķīpsala district of Riga, plan a time to see its wooden architecture!


Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaidas pils

Turaida Castle is located in one of the most beautiful places in Latvia, at the foot of it is the primeval valley of River Gauja, which always looks attractive to photographers when the seasons are changing.


Old Town Riga


Old Town Riga from the point of view that hardly anyone can imagine. Many narrow streets, red tile roofs and the indispensable symbol - Laima's Clock, which still serves as a meeting place for locals.


Venta Rapid


It is always a challenge to take a photo of the largest, the longest or the highest, whether it’s a building or a natural object. The Venta Rapid is no exception as the Europe's wildest waterfall, its breadth can be as wide as 249 meters. The widest waterfall is able to surprise, but the calm Kuldīga can inspire new ideas and works.


The author of photographs

The photographer and drone pilot Valdis Skudre


Riga Old Riga
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