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Tips for safe travel in Latvia

In order to reduce the crowding in the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia, we invite you to broaden your horizons and get to know less-known trails, farmsteads and craftsmen's yards, manors and other sights. There are a lot of undiscovered and hidden gems in Latvia!

The pandemic is not over. Strict adherence to all physical distancing and epidemiological safety measures, not only on a daily basis but also on tourist trips and hikes, remains a must for safety.

Some tips to enjoy Latvia and travel safe:

  • Be responsible - keep a distance of 2 meters!
  • Be careful - observe hygiene! Avoid unnecessary contact with shared surfaces and use hand sanitizer.
  • Be co-responsible - don't crowd!
  • Follow the safety instructions at the tourism sights and entertainment places.
  • Book tickets online, where possible.
  • Carefully evaluate the destination and time. Choose less-known tourist attractions or less popular time of day. See the most popular times on

Check out and try route planner and avoid crowded destinations here:!

Discover new places – Latvia is rich in enough beautiful and interesting places to protect yourself and your fellow human beings without crowding!

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